Starting a New Chapter: The Process
Organize a new chapter . . . feel the effects for life!

Companionship . . . what would life be without it?

Hopefully, by now, you've been warned about the fun and fellowship our members of the American Singles Golf Association enjoy by being part of a local chapter.  Unfortunately, we will never be in every community throughout the United States but we're headed there.

It takes an individual like yourself to step forward and say "I want to start an ASGA chapter in my area."  That's what gets the ball rolling towards the pin.  But you've got to ask yourself a few questions just to mentally prepare you for what's ahead.  Don't let your immediate enthusiasm or your desire to "meet someone right away" send you in the wrong direction.  Starting an ASGA chapter requires some creative thinking, some leadership capacity, social skills, PR skills, organizational skills and most of all, an ability to excite others to assume leadership roles and to delegate some of the work-load to them.  And most importantly, it takes money and T-I-M-E.  Finding key people to help you out will lessen the amount of time you spend, but expect to spend 4-6 hours a week for the first few weeks!

Once a Founder, Always a Founder

Over the years, chapter presidents within your chapter will come and go.  But the founder of a local chapter will always be the founder, even 20 years from now!  It'll be nice recognition to continue to be referred by your members as the founder of your chapter.  And the feeling you'll get having such a positive impact on a number of lives will make you proud to be part of the American Singles Golf Association.


Understand Who We Are and What We're Not

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You'll Need to Join ASGA First

Join ASGA, submit your New Chapter Application (see below) and agree to our Terms and Conditions relative to starting a new chapter.

The Things We Do To Help You Look Good

We realize you're a volunteer so the national office is here to help you.  We don't travel to your location and there's no need for you to travel to the national office (Charlotte, NC).   The national office prints and e-mails your newsletter to your members each month.  Included in this newsletter is a roster of your chapter's members.  In addition, we'll produce your initial website and you'll have an opportunity to update this site with news, information, board minutes, etc.  In addition, we'll help you with getting the word out to your local media, along with display stands and banners to help you get the word out.

You'll Host an Organizational Meeting and You're Off and Running!

You'll soon go over the FIVE STEPS in getting your chapter started.  From there, you'll involve others and start playing golf, having fun and making new friends.  Don't feel like you need to have everything in place before you book your first tee time with your first set of new friends.  In fact, some of these new friends may be selected by you early on as key board position members.


So before we tee-off (pardon our constant reference to golf - - bad habit!), we want to make sure we have the right person for the job.  So it's time to look in the mirror and ask yourself  "is this something I really want to do?"

Is This the Right For You?

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And If You're Not Ready Yet . . . Stay In Touch with Us

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Exercising Real Commitment

As we know with any kind of relationship, business, personal, etc., commitment comes in a variety of degrees.  From our standpoint, we want to know that you're fully committed to starting a chapter.  Does your schedule permit it?  Are you emotionally ready for it?  Do you possess the personal and organizational skills necessary to carry-through with this project? 

If so, there are two (2) things that need to happen before you're given the green slip to start your training session: 

a)  you would have to join the Association and 

b) you would agree to our New Chapter Terms and Conditions.

But First . . . How do you join a chapter that's not in existence yet?

As you go through our "join page," click on NEW MEMBER, then you'll see the online application form and a listing of all chapters.  Since you're starting a new chapter which isn't listed as of yet, go all the way to the bottom of the chapter listings and join the "New Chapter - Unnamed" - - and as soon as we receive your payment, we'll get your basic chapter info set-up.  This includes a) naming your chapter, b) assigning your chapter number, c) setting-up your basic chapter info in the national database, and d) getting your basic website set-up.  Then, we'll transfer you OUT of the "New Chapter - Unnamed" into your own chapter.

(Note that your dues may be fully refunded when requested if the chapter does not form within ninety (90) days from the date you joined.)


And Starting a Chapter has its Rewards!

We won't go into much detail at this point because financial reward is not the reason you're starting a new chapter of ASGA.  We will say that we do offer incentives for getting your chapter up and running quickly.  Hopefully, the greatest reward will be in what involvement in ASGA will do for you.  More on this as we get involved with the online training unless you're dying to know.

Submit Application to Start an Affiliated ASGA Chapter

Before you go to the application form, think about what you want to name your chapter.  Some chapters prefer NOT to go with a major city (e.g. Detroit is not the "Detroit" chapter but the "Southeast Michigan" chapter, Naples, Florida is the "Southwest Florida" chapter of ASGA).  Pick what fits.  But don't choose a name where anyone would ask "where is that?"  Make your name geographically descriptive.  (Note:  It's a rare occasion, but it has happened.  ASGA reserves the right to not allow certain names for a chapter, e.g. HotLanta Chapter, Hog Country Chapter, Sin City Chapter, etc.)

Please complete the following form and we will be back in touch with you.  We look forward to helping you get a new chapter up and running!