Chapter Growth Tools
A Treasure for Your Membership Committee
But will you use it?

ASGA's roots go back to 1992 and we've had plenty of experience in starting and developing chapters. Unfortunately, many chapters focus on the golf or social aspects of the organization and not enough attention to retaining members and getting new members. And think what life would be like if we didn't see new faces come through the door!

This section should help. Working with the Communications Committee, you can communicate your message to many, many potential members in your city. How often have you heard people say "if I had only known your organization existed, I would have joined!" It's simply a matter of getting the word out to the right people, and this is your resource page for doing just that.

So browse through these links and find the information you think you'll need. Make copies of them, if necessary and distribute them to your members at meetings and golf outings. Your Membership Committee should make it a point to make sure you constantly impress upon your members to 1) bring a friend or co-worker to each meeting, golf outing or social, 2) make sure guests feel "at home" when they attend any event, and 3) to take the SinglesGolf message to other places when they leave the meeting, by passing out our yellow signs at their work place, driving range, or any well-visited bulletin board.

Quick Facts (for all media)

Sample Press Release for for Newspapers

Sample Press Release for Radio Stations

Sample Press Release for TV Stations

Sample Feature Article (for newspaper or magazine writers)

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ASGA Display Stands - These stands contain brochure-application forms and should be distributed at your local golf pro shops and golf retail centers. Each member receives one display stand upon joining ASGA.

MeetUps - ASGA National will pay for the monthly cost of running your chapter's "MeetUp." is a private service for organizations who want to use it as a tool to promote their local group. As soon as you create a MeetUp (and the ASGA National Office will assist you - call 980-833-6450, M-F, 9am to 2pm), MeetUp's software begins to notify other organizations in your city of the existence of YOUR local chapter. Caveat: joining a local MeetUp does NOT confer membership in ASGA. People will "join" your local MeetUp but at some point they will need to join your local chapter and pay dues (

To understand more about how this works and to see how one chapter uses MeetUp, go to

ASGA Business Cards - Boxed 250 per box, your chapter should have these available at your local membership meetings so that individuals who feel inclined to promote ASGA can carry 15-20 cards in their wallet or purse.

Golf Trade Show Support - Imagine promoting your chapter at the local golf show. We have a beautiful display available to chapters. In addition, you have the opportunity to put some money in your treasury.

ASGA High Quality Vinyl Banner - This is a great tool to let everyone know that we are out on the course. This six-foot banner is sure to grab the attention of every golfer on the course. The banners are free (your chapter pays the $20 shipping cost) and will be customized for your particular chapter.

The Most Proven Way To Grow Your Chapter - Run a "Love on the Links" Golf Tournament - Details Here

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Membership Application Form - PDF

In everything you put "out there," be sure to indicate the website people go to to join ASGA:

And if you've had a local success in terms of growing your chapter, you're welcome to send us an article and we will consider posting it on this web page.

Send your article to: