ASGA is Going to Portugal - 2025
Planning in the Works
by Tom Alsop, President and Founder - American Singles Golf Association


Members of the American Singles Golf Association have traveled the world . . . countries such as 

  • Scotland - 201 members attended in 2010
  • Ireland - 62 members attended in 2012
  • Scotland - 97 members attended in 2014
  • Spain - 99 members attended in 2016
  • Canada - 71 members attended in 2017
  • French River Cruise (Tauck) - 33 attended in 2018
  • Ireland and Northern Ireland - 51 attended in 2018
  • Cabo San Lucas - 72 attended in 2019
  • Cabo San Lucas - 75 attended in 2021
  • Scotland - 59 members attended in 2023

In addition, we've had over 100 multi-chapter events in the USA, including 4-6 day events to Hawaii, Pinehurst, Greenbrier and PGA National and many ocean cruises.

Many times we've been asked "when are we going to Portugal?" 

Well, we're seriously looking at March or April, 2025. These kinds of trips putting hotel, golf and restaurants together is quite a job and takes months of planning. We pair people with the same gender together who don't have roommates to lower their cost and we do all of the pairings necessary to enjoy our rounds of golf. We don't do "bare bones" trips. Our trips are, for many, "a trip of a lifetime," generally lasting 9 to 10 nights and traveling to three cities, staying three nights in each city. Our hotels are a a minimum 4-star.

We sell a package price which include hotel, golf and dinner, plus motor coach group transportation once landed and generally an excursion activity on days we don't play golf. Dinners are included each night and breakfasts are included as well and typically included with the hotel room under the American Plan.

What's the Game Plan for Portugal?

First, we have to determine how many peoplel would like to go. Why? When booking hotels, the first question they ask is "how many rooms will you need." An to lock these room in, we have to sign a contract soon and place a deposit down.

So we don't just survey our membership, we ask that those who are serious about going to Portugal to place a deposit, a deposit that indicates how serious they are about going. On a 10-11 day trip to Portugal, we'll ask for a $250 deposit if you're planning to have a roommate and a $500 deposit if you're planning to room alone. Based on the type of deposit and the number of deposits, we'll now have a pretty good indication on how many rooms to sign for in a contract.

What's Next?

Then we have to do a site visit. Actually go there and visit the hotels, courses, resturants and excurion activity venues. Additionally, we must interview motor coach companies and possibly train routes and tickets as we did in Spain in 2016.

Places we'd like to "lock down," we ask that they "pencil-us-in" until we can confirm our numbers.

Then What?

Then, we return with all of the information to make a great trip and build a website with details, itinerary, cities, etc.

So Where are You Now in the Planning Process?

This website's intention is to get people talking about a trip to Portugal and start gathering names. We know all of us will want to land in Lisbon and spend our first few days in Lisbon. Beyond that, more work, work, work needs to be done. But it's difficult to put all of the work into planning a trip like this if we're not sure of how many will attend.

Do You Have a Working Itinerary?

Yes. But understand that a site visit has to be made to most of these venues prior to building a website and announcing specifics to our membership.

Here is the "working" itinerary:

Arrive in Lisbon (3 Nights)

NOTE: We are in the process of linking all venues to their website. You may want to Google those locations in the meantime.


Hotel: Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel - Website

  • A charming historic hotel located in the heart of Lisbon.

Golf Courses:

  1. Belas Clube de Campo - Website
  2. Aroeira Golf Resort - Website
  3. Oitavos Dunes - Website   A Top 100 course worldwide and #1 in Portugal


  1. Time Out Market - Restaurantes, eventos e workshops | Time Out Market Lisboa     Something totally unexpected and realy cool!
  2. Solar dos Presuntos - Website
  3. Ramiro - Website

Excursion Activities:

  • Explore the historic district of Lisbon, including Alfama and Baixa neighborhoods.
  • Visit Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower.


Porto (3 Nights)

Hotel: Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel & World Heritage Site - Website

  • A historic hotel overlooking the Douro River in Porto's Ribeira district.

Golf Courses:

  1. Estela Golf Club - Website
  2. Vidago Palace Golf Course - Website
  3. Quinta do Vale Golf Resort - Website


  1. DOP - Website
  2. Cantinho do Avillez - Website
  3. O Paparico - Website

Excursion Activities:

  • Explore Porto's historic Ribeira District and visit the Livraria Lello bookstore.
  • Take a Douro River Cruise and enjoy the scenic views of the wine region.


Faro (3 Nights)

Hotel: Pousada Palácio de Estoi - Website

  • A beautifully restored palace offering a unique historic stay near Faro.

Golf Courses:

  1. San Lorenzo Golf Course - Website
  2. Vale do Lobo Golf Resort - Website
  3. Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course - Website


  1. Adega Nova - Website
  2. Faz Gostos - Website
  3. Restaurante Columbus - Website

Excursion Activities:

  • Explore the Ria Formosa Natural Park with a boat tour.
  • Take a day trip to Lagos and explore the picturesque coastal town and Ponta da Piedade cliffs.


This itinerary offers a mix of golfing, dining, hotel and cultural experiences, tailored to the preferences of our ASGA members.


IMPORTANT - If you're interested, can we hear from you right away?

If this trip next March or April interests you, please send an email to Tom Alsop ( with just TWO WORDS in the subject line: YES PORTUGAL

This is NOT a commitment from you and understand that many details need to be worked out. So please, at this point, do not ask "how much will this trip cost" and "what are the dates of this trip" and "do you have to walk the golf courses" etc., as Tom simply won't have an answer for you until final details will be published on the website this Fall.

Prior to the site visit this Fall, however, a refundable deposit will need to be made by each person in order to firm-up a number of members who are actually interested. 

As an FYI, we expect a group size to be around 80-90 members!