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Greetings to all our fellow ASGA members across the United States! 

Registration is officially open for this 2022 Multi-Chapter Event (MCE).


We are looking forward to hosting up to 120 members of ASGA in beautiful Colorado.

Our past MCEs have taken us to Summit County and Colorado Springs, but Colorado is more than just the Front Range.

We want to welcome you to join us in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the entrance to the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains and home to Aspen, Snowmass, the Maroon Bells (ideal for hiking), the Roaring Fork and Grand Rivers (amazing white-water rafting), hot springs to relieve your aches and pains, and, of course, incredible mountain golf courses.

The courses we have selected will test your skills while surrounding you with scenery right out of a picture postcard, awe-inspiring from every angle.

Take some time to enjoy the amazing history of Glenwood Springs where Doc Holliday is buried and where Molly Brown (the Unsinkable Molly Brown), Buffalo Bill Cody, and Tom Mix spent much of their time.

So, don’t delay in sending in your registration form.  We are limited to 120 attendees.  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

To register, click on the registration form below. 

You will also find the event flyer with basic details. Before you make your travel arrangements, be sure to check out the “Travel Tips” below for the schedule of events and things to do.

The Denver Chapter of ASGA looks forward to sharing our beautiful state with you. See you in August!


Flyer Announcement (Basic Details)

Registration Form

If you are interested in extending your stay through the night of August 15th, Hotel Colorado is offering the same group rate as the optional nights.  Just add in the additional night below the last optional golf round and add it to your total.

Travel Tips

Want to share a ride from DEN airport or chat with other attendees on a different topic?

Hotel Colorado Website

Cancellation Policy


For questions regarding this MCE, please contact Fredlee Shore at and put “ASGA MCE” in the subject line.


Who's Coming

Karen Aldridge - Denver
Deborah Backman - Chicago
Breeda Barnard - Denver
Pamela Bean - Sarasota
Nan Belme - Denver
Matt Berges - Denver
Michael Bernard - Sarasota
Kyle Bethel - Pinehurst
Andrew Bjornstad - Denver
Kirk Blackard - Denver
Michael Bowyer - Dallas-Fort Worth
Sherwood Brown - Denver
MaryEllen Case - Tucson
Nancy Cash-Knight - Orlando
Vincent Cloud - Palm Beach Co.
Ken Cornelison - Cincinnati
Charles Cunningham - Jacksonville
Kamal Dagher - Chicago
Rita Daley - DC
Sharon Davies - DC
Linda Davis - Sarasota
Barbara Dean - Jacksonville
Jo DeChatelet - Tucson
Paula DeCrescentis - Denver
Stacia Delaney - Denver
Hank Denst - Denver
Karen Doebelin - Denver
Robert Edmonds - Denver
Jan Elliott - Denver
Joe Fasi - Hartford
RJ Franklin - Denver
Terri Gardner - Cincinnati
Sally Garneski - Chicago
Sharon Geyer - DC
Louis Goldfader - Dallas-Fort Worth
Julie Good - LA-Orange Co
Melanie Griffith - Sacramento
John Guenther - Denver
William Hall - DC
Kathy Halva - Denver
Marsha Harman - Denver
Shelley Hawthorne - Denver
Susan Herman - Chicago
Sharon Hill - The Villages
Greg Holland - LA-Orange Co
Carolle Hunt - Sarasota
Perry Huntley - Denver
Mark Johnson - Denver
Jane Jones - Denver
Sukie Kang - Denver
Jenny Kercher - Denver
Robert Kitchen - Denver
Lynn Kobelt - Denver
Randy Koster - Atlanta
Susan Kraus - SE Michigan
SCott Laudenslager ` Denver
William Lobb - Denver
Tess Lord - Boston
John Lumley - Denver
John Lynch - Jacksonville
Ellen MacDonald - LA-Orange Co
David(Mac) MacTavish - Denver
Candy Madden - Denver
Linda Marcet - Orlando
Lorraine Martignetti - Denver
Paul Masimer - Denver
Martha Matheis - Twin Cities
Joe McCloskey - DC
Terry McFarland - Jacksonville
Bill Meader - Seattle
Rick Miliauskas - Denver
Winifred Morris - Denver
Bob Mourad - Phoenix
Linda Muller - Dallas-Fort Worth
Bill Neal - Tucson
Laurence Nelligan - Jacksonville
Brant Newman - Dallas-Fort Worth
Melissa Nipper - Denver
Mary Jo O’Connor - DC
Lynn O’Toole - Denver
Helen Peterman - Denver
Karen Post - Palm Beach Co.
Mark Prior - Denver
Margaret Quinn - Chicago
Diane Raber - Denver
Denise Ramirez - Denver
Scott Rapson - San Jose
Mary Rapson - DC
Amy Rattner - Jacksonville
Pamela Reese - Orlando
Jim Reynolds - Boston
Patty Robinson - Denver
Judy Roche - Denver
Joe Rowley - Denver
Michael Rucker - Denver
Cher Schafer - Denver
Janel Schliesmann - Sarasota
Peg Schmitz - Denver
Cathy Semyck - Tampa
Denny Sharkey - Denver
Fredlee Shore - Denver
Claudia Skarvinko - Jacksonville
Gary Slavin - Sarasota
Sandi Smith - Denver
Terry Smith - Denver
Lori Smith - Denver
Carolyn St. Clair - Tucson
Laura Stondall - Denver
Deb Swedberg - Sarasota
Veronica Tebbe - Denver
Candice Tidwell - Chicago
Barb Troxel - Denver
Steve Verret - Phoenix
Carolle Wagner - Dallas-Fort Worth
James Walker - Denver
Stephanie Walsh - DC
Marjorie Wheeler - Denver
Clare Wise - Denver
Bill Wray - Dallas-Fort Worth
Cynthia Yund - Cincinnati
Cathleen Zehnacker - North Jersey