Chapter President

Bylaws of your chapter dictate the responsibilities of each officer and board member. Here are the responsibilities of the Chapter President:

Preside at all regular and special meetings. As the president, you set the tone for the regular monthly membership meetings. These meetings should be educational, entertaining and enlightening. The meetings should be a mix of 50% social and 50% business (although, according to your bylaws, members can only vote on items related to elections and changing the bylaws. All other “business” is handled by the board of directors. Of course, “straw votes” or polling can take place).

After calling the meeting to order you will want to introduce each of you committee chairs and have them give a report on past and present activities. Have them mention winners from past golf outings or stories from past social events. The membership chair will want to introduce any new members/guests and have them tell how they heard of the group. The golf chair will want to talk about upcoming golf outings, including location, time, cost, format, directions and anything else about the outing. If you always play a scramble or your own ball, mention it at the meeting. Don’t assume that everyone knows the format of the day or even the location of the golf course. Social can go over details about upcoming/past events such the location of the social after the golf outing. The Communication chair will want to give the deadline for the next newsletter. This is also a great opportunity for the committee chairs to get members involved. Be positive. Don’t just read from the newsletter. If you a playing a new golf course or one of the chapters favorite—mention it.

After the meeting, you may want to have the board members meet at the back of the room to answer any questions from new members and guests. At this time make sure that they have an application and ask them to join and ask what committee they would like to work on. The Chapter president is the most thankless job in your chapter.

Supervise the affairs of the chapter as the chief executive officer. It is your job to oversee what the committees are doing—but let them do the work. Too often we see a one man/woman show.

Appoint committees as authorized by the Board of Directors. If there are vacancies during the year it is your responsibility to make sure that these vacancies are filled. You may want to appoint additional committees such as; website, special events or photographer.

Be an ex-officio member of all committees. Know what is going on with each committee.

Report to the membership in February of each year the plans for the chapter for the upcoming year. At your January board meeting you may want to review the activities of the past year; what worked, what did not work and what could have been done differently. Have each committee chairperson put together a list of what they would like to do for the upcoming year. Or, at the monthly meeting divide up the members into four groups; golf, social, membership and communications. Take the ideas generated from these discussions and plan your next quarter. This way everyone at the meeting gets involved in the planning process. When someone has a suggestion, ask them to head up the project. Most people will volunteer for a specific project, such as planning a golf outing or finding a restaurant, but may not want or be able to commit to heading up or serving on a committee through the year.

Present to the membership an annual report on the state of the chapter in December. This report should contain information on the number of members, new members, renewals, golf outings, trips, treasury, etc. The report should include highlights from the year, such as money raised from a charity golf outing or any other event worth mentioning. A sample from Cathey Brillhart, past president of the Asheville Chapter, follows on the next page.

Work towards a smooth transition for the incoming administration, especially in the areas of records, policies and financial management. It is a good idea to hold a year end board meeting with both old and new board members. This way they can exchange not only the records but ideas and suggestions.

And, as always, most anything else that needs to be done!

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Here are some helpful forms that you might need as a chapter president:

Here is One Past President's Annual Report to the Membership

The purpose of the American Singles Golf Association is to promote and facilitate the sport of golf and particularly to promote camaraderie between and among single golfers and any other lawful activity the organization may be engaged in.

My purpose as your president was to provide opportunities for you to golf/socialize in this manner. As a result, the following is a report of our accomplishments during 2001. We were born to golf and golf we did!

We had National Outings at the following:

Panama City Beach, Florida – January
Savannah, GA - February
Sea Trail, Sunset Beach, NC - May
Reno, NV - September
Lexington, Kentucky - September
Portugal - September
Tucson - December
Boca Raton, FL - December

Monthly Outings were held at the following golf courses:

Buncombe County
Apple Valley
Connestee Falls
Crooked Creek
Springdale CC
Woodfin Ridge
Village Greens
Glen Cannon

Outings with other Chapters:

Newberry Country Club with Columbia
Mid Carolina Golf Course with Columbia, Augusta, and Greenville
Cleghorn with Hickory
Buffalo Valley with Tri Cities
Bald Mountain & Apple Valley with Columbia and Raleigh
Tucson, AZ with the Tucson Chapter
TN/NC Challenge at Kodak, TN at River Island and Dandridge
Santee with Columbia and Hilton Head
Pudding Ridge with the Triad Chapter
December Outing with Hickory, Greenville/Spartanburg and Columbia

We golfed on Mondays; April through May at Buncombe County Municipal; and, June-October, to accommodate our Hendersonville members, we played at Orchard Trace and Highland Lakes in Hendersonville. We had cookouts at Orchard Trace throughout the summer.

On Wednesdays throughout the year, we golfed at the following courses:

Lake Junaluska
Maggie Valley
Holiday Inn Sunspree
Great Smoky Mountain Golf Course
Old Fort
Sherwood Forrest
Black Mountain
Bald Mountain
Cummings Cove
Woodfin Ridge
Red Fox
Buncombe County Municipal
Links of Tryon
Trillium Links
Furman University

We ate at Cracker Barrel, Saratogas, Angelo’s, Cancun, Kelsey’s Grill, Legal Grounds/Rutherfordton, Maggie’s Galley, Barley’s Tap Room, My Father’s Pizza, Apollo’s, Pisgah Inn and Boston Pizza.

On special occasions, we celebrated as follows:

Bennie Santistevan’s home – Super Bowl party
Holiday Inn Airport – The Masters
Lynne Stafford’s – St Patrick’s Day
EllenWells’ – Derby Party
Jackie Walker’s home after play at Connestee
Betty Allen hosted the Nominating Committee
Frances Miller hosted the Board of Directors
Halloween was celebrated in costume at Orchard Trace
Thanksgiving – Golf/dining at Connestee Falls

While we began with $0 in the treasury, we now have funds initiated by the 50/50 raffle; and, we get $10 from each member that joins or renews. This causes me to appoint individuals as auditors in accordance with the bylaws. The Audit Team will be composed of Carl Debnam, Fred Fitts and Hank Parish and has board approval. Thanks, guys!!

We had six guest speakers: Judy Pepper, Ed Robbins, Nan Davis, Virginia Ponder, Pat Starnes and Randall.

We participated in two benefit tournaments:

Cadillac Invitational at Grove Park, which raised $51,000 for the National Kidney Foundation.

We volunteered and participated in the Cardinal Tournament at Black Mountain, which raised over $26,000 for the Presbyterian Home for Children. We collected toys for kids in December.

In addition to joining other chapters for golf and social outings we co-mingled with other singles groups such as WNC Singles, Mountain Escapades and the Shag Club.

A green jacket was made just for us by members Bennie Santistevan and Bev Belden.

Special thanks from me to the board members who contributed immensely to our growth during the past year: Carl Debnam, Bennie Santistevan, Ellen Wells, Francis Miller, Juene Reece, and Lynne Stafford. Collectively, there is no better team. Thanks to volunteers – Lynne Stafford and Julia Williamson who agreed to become team captains. To Larry Scott for being ever faithful for Monday’s golf. To Joe Plott who served as my alternate for golf on Wednesdays. Carolyn Crew, who took on the task of developing a handicap system. She will chair a committee composed of another volunteer, Irene Hyde, and Carl Debnam and Lynne Stafford, as past and present golf chairs. This will allow us to enter scores from true competitive matches and provide prizes with money from the treasury.

I am proud to be a part of this group. There is un-matched cohesiveness. Amongst us, we have CEO’S, healthcare professionals, administrative assistants, electricians, insurance and staffing experts, financial managers, CPAs, Realtors and a meter reader to mention a few. There is so much to be gained from just knowing each other. I am also proud of the percentage of people that participated in events during the past year. As I scan the roster, 98% of you have participated in the events scheduled at some point during the year. This is an indicator we did something right!

We began with 43 members; we now have 55, averaging one member per month over the past year. We had one marriage of two members. Bill Sullivan and Georgia Carter wed in July.

What I would continue/change –

(1) Implement a stronger initiative to recruit younger golfers.
(2) Insure there is an end of the week stress buster available at a standard gathering place for those who have a need to drink and unwind.
(3) Continue the effort on obtaining ASGA logo items, i.e., balls, banner, shirts, visors, etc. to advertise our organization, i.e., Ashville Chapter – ASGA.

Thanks to each of you for contributing to an unforgettable chapter in my life for one year.

Merry Christmas and happy golfing!

- - Respectively submitted,
Cathey Brillhart, Past President
Asheville Chapter