Chapter Secretary

Bylaws of your chapter dictate the responsibilities of each officer and board member. Here are the responsibilities of the Secretary:

The Chapter Secretary:

  • Is responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings of the general membership.
  • Is responsible for keeping the minutes of all meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Sends out all notices required by the Bylaws or as required by the Board or the President.
  • Records and maintains a policy manual all policies passed by the Board.
  • Maintains a current copy of the bylaws with any changes.
  • Submits any bylaw changes to ASGA National office.

At the end of the chapter's fiscal year (which, according to your bylaws, is also the end of the calendar year, December 31), the chapter secretary should pass along to the incoming chapter secretary all minutes, policy manual, etc. maintained. This is important. Many chapters cannot recall what policies were established, when they were established or why they were established. Good records are vital to the on-going chapter. The best placed to post policy is on your local chapter website.

Each chapter should purchase a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. They will assist in running meetings. Many chapter secretaries record everything that is said at Board meetings. This is not necessary. Robert's Rules will suggest, for example, that you record what was done, not what was said. For example, “Bill Smith motioned and Betty Jones seconded and the Board voted by unanimous vote to allow event chairpersons to attend at half price.” That's preferred over “because many members felt event leaders were not volunteering because the reward level was not great enough and their time was valuable that to allow them to attend at half the price everyone else pays would cause more people to step to the plate when it comes to volunteering to head up particular events.” The first way recorded “what was done,” and the second recorded “what was said.” Simply record what was decided upon and don't worry about recording every comment from every Board member.