The Salt Lake City Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association (ASGA) is currently being formed.

If you're single and enjoy golf . . . this is the kind of organization you'll want to join!


Looking for volunteer leadership for our Salt Lake City Chapter

This is a volunteer organization and we're looking for your help in getting this chapter up and running. Key volunteer positions will need to be filled in the areas of the social, golf, membership and communications committees


Are you ready for more fun, fellowship and fairways?

Since its founding in 1992, over 40,000 people like yourself have joined ASGA. They wanted something different in their lives and ASGA became a natural fit. There's something special about the game of golf. Spending 4-5 hours with three others in your golf group gives you plenty of opportunity to see what they're made of:

  • How do they react when making that perfect drive?
  • How do they react when they miss a three-foot putt . . . twice in a row?
  • How do they conduct themselves when they run a committee meeting?

Understanding human personalities is what makes life interesting. Adding all of this in with the beauty and serenity of a golf course and you've got the making for a perfect day. And, of course, everyone in our group is single. Get married and it's "congratulations and farewell!" *

ASGA is just the organization that will jump-start your social life and provide more opportunities to play golf. Our concept works. People find and build lasting relationship with their fellow chapter members and even members from other chapters.

So please visit our First Timers section on our homepage if you'd like to get a better feel for the organization and read the testimonials from members and what they've experienced.

The Organizational Meeting: You (and your friends) Are Invited!

Our Organizational Meeting is our kick-off meeting. ASGA National appoints the first Chapter President who will be looking for volunteers to fill key positions. Your new chapter will work with the national headquarters office in Charlotte, North Carolina in order to put all of the pieces in place. Volunteering is vital towards your chapter's successful launch and long-term success, so please be thinking about how you will be able to contribute. Volunteering is just another way to meet other singles. Our goals are to have a great turnout at our first meeting and to get the key positions filled: Golf Chair, Membership Chair, Social and Communication Chairs.


Get Three Months of Additional Membership

When the Organizational Meeting actually happens, you'll learn about how each of our chapters are run and how your life will change for the better with more friends and more golf. If you join prior to or the evening of this meeting, we'll add three (3) months of additional membership to your regular 12-month membership period.

Membership dues for a 12-month period are $89.00. You can join for two (2) years for $178.00 and receive a free ASGA-logo'd golf shirt, or join for three (3) years for $267 and get the fourth year free.

Our chapter's permanent website will be launched soon ( but in order to introduce our chapter to your friends, please give them the link to this page you're currently on. This is our "PR" page and is intended just to give potential members a brief on what we're all about. The easiest way to remember this link is:


We Need Your Help

With our general knowledge in creating new chapters, the American Singles Golf Association has realized that there are three kinds of members: 1) those who like to organize and lead, 2) those who like to help out the leaders and 3) those who just want to participate. Please don't take-on a position of chapter organizer unless you're willing to spend a few hours each week making it a reality.

There are FOUR key committees in every ASGA chapter. Committees do the planning for the events or do the legwork that's needed in running your chapter. It's somewhat apparent what the role of each of these committees are, but if you want to discover more, please click on a link below and find out what's involved with each committee, in more detail:


Golf Committee        Social Committee

Membership Committee        Communications Committee


For now, we simply want to know some basics about you and your level of interest in our new chapter.

Click on the link below and we'll be in contact with you soon:

Yes, I'm interested in playing more golf and meeting new friends!

I'm ready to join now!


* if you get married, you membership expires on your anniversary date and subject to our policy page.


Are These Your Kind of People?


Get the chapter off to a great start - please attend our Organizational Meeting!

Thank you!