Chapter Management
The Mechanics of Running Your Local Chapter

Each ASGA chapter is volunteer-based at the local level.  In order to manage a chapter, your chapter bylaws spell-out the structure of your chapter, but the day-to-day implementation of the bylaws is done by real people - - you and your fellow members. Remember the bylaws are merely suggestions on how to run your chapter. Tom Alsop has the final say.

We've created this section to assist you in delivering quality service to your members.  We suggest each chapter leader, whether it be the chapter president, treasurer, committee head, etc., read and understand their duties and responsibilities before agreeing to take-on a certain position.  Everyone may think they understand what a golf chairperson or treasurer does, but your bylaws and this chapter managment section will specify those things to a greater degree.

Please click on the link below to access your desired area.  If you have any comments or things you feel need to be added, please don't hesitate to contact the national office by using the CONTACT US button at left.

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