Roommate Policy for Multi-Chapter Events

At ASGA events, whether sponsored by local chapters or the national office, typically half the attendees know and choose their own roommate and the other half have probably never met their roommate.  Members meet other members at these events, become trusted friends, then decide to room together at events in order to save money.

In case you have ASGA room you with someone you don't know . . . ASGA is not responsible in case you don't like your roommate, or if your roommate has a cough, a cold or the flu. If you choose to room with a stranger, this is simply the risk you take.

Statistically, you're going to be fine in 99% of the cases, however, we occasionally will get a complaint from a member who simply can't stand their roommate or because their roommate is sick.

ASGA takes no financial responsibility for getting you a new room. If something doesn't work out for you and you prefer a room to yourself, you take financial responsibility for it.

Thank you for your understanding of and abiding by this policy.