Repair Work Needed
Contact: Tom Alsop - 704-577-9481

I own a house at 710 Main St. in Pineville, NC.  Over the years, this 98 year old house has had some issues. The main concern now is the ceiling area over the front porch. I need to get a quote from a couple of carpenters who will look at this and give me a proposal, itemizing what damage is there (seen and unseen) and the cost of making the repair, including labor and supplies.

I would be happy to meet you at the property to discuss. You will need to review this damage from the attic inside the house. There is an attic access in a closet in one of the back bedrooms which will give you a idea of what's going on above this damage.

In your proposal, please take pictures and identify what needs to be done from the inside attic area to the outside, including repair to the facia, beadboard areas as well. You DO NOT need to add painting as once this work is done, the entire house will be re-painted.

My goal is to have the work done to look like there was never any repair work done!

I don't believe a permit is needed as no support walls are involved. This to me looks like a one-day job. I could be wrong but I will pay you with a Bank of America company check or Zelle when the work is completed which needs to be done in less than a week, regardless.

I'm looking to rent this building by July 1, 2023.

My email is and cell is 704-577-9481.


Here are the photos:




I need your proposal in writing, please!