Sketch Artist Needed
See sample pictures below

I have an old house and want to convert it to a restaurant.  It was built in 1922.  

I'm trying to convince an investor of a certain vision I have, so I'm looking for a sketch artist who can sketch out an existing building but ADD the following:

a) wood deck patio with chairs and umbrellas coming out from the front of the house;

b) an arial view, looking straight downward, showing house, deck (which will be drawn to about 50% of the size of the house coming off the front porch), a section added onto the back of the house for the kitchen and bathrooms, and a parking lot in the rear.  The right side (front facing) should have an entrance with a canvas awning.

I need the watercolor effect and cannot use anything computer drawn.  I want it to look like a good hand sketch.

The actual house is pictured at

There is also a PDF plat of the 9/10's of an acre lot, giving you an idea where to place the parking lot in the rear of the house.  Go here:

Some samples of other people's works are shown below.  They can give you and idea of the type of drawing I need:

For more info, contact Tom Alsop @

If you need more photos of the actual house and all around it, I can email them to you once we get started.  My deadline for completion is Feb. 15, 2015.