Local Chapter Websites
Post articles, calendar events, photo albums . . .

As a member chapter of the American Singles Golf Association, your chapter's website can be hosted through the national website. Your chapter has the right to host its own website, however, running it under www.singlesgolf.com will save you hundreds of dollars each year in hosting fees, plus, there's a learning curve with new people over-seeing the website in subsequent years.

Here are the instructions on setting up and maintaining a local website. These instructions are available to you now as an Adobe (pdf) document. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Alsop via the CONTACT US button at left.

  1. Go to www.singlesgolf.com/news
  2. Enter the chapter User Name
  3. Enter the chapter Password
  4. Click on the Login button
  5. Select the Add Story button
  6. Make sure that you click on the dot beside your chapter name
  7. Scroll down the page until you see Article Display Options. Make sure that the dot beside yes is marked (if not, click on it with your mouse)
  8. The line below is the Priority box. You will see numbers 1 through 10. If you want the article to appear first in the local news area, click on the dot under 10. (10 is the highest priority and 1 is the lowest.)
  9. Make sure that the start date is the day that you want to see the article appearing.
  10. You must enter an end date. This is the day that you want the article to stop appearing on the web site.
  11. You enter the headline that you want to have appearing on the home page for your chapter.
  12. You may put a sub heading to appear with the actual article but it is not necessary.
  13. Enter the author’s name (the individual entering the information to the website.)
  14. Enter the author’s title if applicable (i.e. President, Social Chairperson, Golf Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, or Membership Chairperson.)
  15. You will leave the synopsis blank empty.
  16. Click on the Submit Information box.
  17. As you will see at the bottom area of your screen will be an area that looks somewhat like a Word document box. This is where you will actually type the article itself (you may also paste the article in this area if it’s already been typed.)
  18. You may change the font style or size by the drop downs on the toolbar. (Font sizes appear differently than a normal Word document. You may see the number 3 with a (12 pt) beside it. The website reads it as a 3 but it is actually the equivalent to a 12 point size.
  19. If you want to Bold a member’s name before typing the name, click on the B button on the toolbar. To stop the bolding process click on the B button again. If the B button appears recessed, the feature is on.
  20. If you want to Italicize something, click on the I button on the toolbar. Again, you must click on the recessed I button to stop the feature.
  21. The U button will underline what you are typing. Click on the U button located on the toolbar for the underline feature to be turned on. To turn it off, click on the recessed U.
  22. To change the color of the type click on the button on the toolbar that has a capital T with a grid of colors on it. Click on the color that you would like for the type to be. It will automatically type the information in black. Once you have selected a color and are finished typing in it to return to black you must click back on the grid and click on the black square.
  23. If you paste a story that has already been typed in another program, all the above features (bold, italic, underline and color changing) can be used by simply highlighting the text you want to format and clicking on the appropriate button.
  24. The chain link button on the toolbar is for inserting a hyperlink (a connection to an email address or website)
  25. The table button once depressed will ask you what type of table you would like to insert (rows and columns). Select the number of rows and columns. The table will appear in the article. Once the table appears you will enter the data for the table.
  26. After you have completed typing the article, you will click on the submit button.
  27. The article will appear. If it appears correctly, click on the finish button.
  28. You may then click on Return to Chapter Admin to log out of the area.
  29. If you would like to add another story or calendar event, you may click on the appropriate link.
  30. After you’ve finished, you may visit your chapter website to check out your piece of work.


How to edit your article after you have logged out.


  1. Go back to www.singlesgolf.com/news
  2. Enter the chapter User Name
  3. Enter the chapter Password
  4. Click on the Submit Query button.
  5. Click on Edit Section #
  6. You will see a listing of all articles in the local section.
  7. As you go across the row that the article is listed on you will see a box with a blue box in it. Click on that button. This will bring you to the same page in which you originally created this story. You will see the Display Option, Priority, Start and End Dates, Headline and Author information as you originally entered it. You may change any or all of this information.
  8. To change the body of the story, click on the Submit Information button at the bottom of the page.
  9. If you want to delete an article, go to the end of the row with the article listed and click on the empty square button, then click on the delete button below.


How to add a calendar event.


1. Click on Add a Calendar Event

2. You will see “Add a Calendar Event” at the top of the page. Type in the name of the outing in the subject line.

3. You MUST then click on one of the boxes beside golf, social, meeting, or misc.

4. In the next frame you will type the information regarding the event (For example: place, time, cost, contact information, website of the golf course or facility at which your event is taking place, directions, and telephone number).

5. Click on the drop down calendar to choose the date of the event.

6. Days indicates how many days the event will be taking place. (In most cases this will be 1, but if it were a weekend event, for example, it would be 2 or 3.)

7. You will then click submit directly under this section.

8. When you go to your chapter’s website the additional information added will show up on the calendar as you move your mouse over the dated item.



How to Post Your Newsletter on Your Chapter Website


Although your newsletter is available on the www.singlesgolf.com website, some chapters prefer to have a link on their local site as well. To create this link after your newsletter has been posted the National site, do the following:


  1. Access your newsletter on the www.singlesgolf.com website by clicking on the “chapters across America” link, finding your chapter and clicking on the pdf icon for you newsletter.
  2. In the address bar of your browser highlight and copy (by pressing Control-C or right clicking your mouse on the highlighted address and clicking on “copy”)
  3. Now log onto your local websites administrative area and follow the instruction for adding a story (steps 1- 9 under the first section of this manual titled “How To Add an Article.”)
  4. Under the start and end date section, click on the option to

Article Content




Click here to post a file
link instead of a story

  1. This will bring you to a similar looking page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page.
  2. Enter the Heading for your newsletter, ie., “October Newsletter”
  3. At the very bottom of this page you want to paste the link to your newsletter that you copied from the National website at the very beginning of this process.
  4. Once you’ve pasted the link, click on the Submit Information box
  5. You should get a confirmation that says DONE!