What do I get when I join?
. . . an oft-asked question

People naturally want to gather with other folks.  But ASGA people gather for two common purposes:

  • meet other singles
  • play more golf

They pay dues and naturally want to know "what they get for their dues."  Years ago, ASGA sought to provide all kinds of discounts at hotels, travel packages, golf shops, etc.  Then one member simply told us:  "I don't care for all of that.  I get that as a member of AAA or Sam's Club.  I'm here to meet quality singles."  And it made a lot of sense for us.  So ever since, our focus has been on providing you the tools necessary to grow your chapter and to set-up other chapter that, if nearby, your chapter can play in golf outings together.

There's a lot of "behind the scenes" support we provide to chapters.  Like this website for instance.  If you're in a leadership position within your chapter, you're going to want to read through your respective area of the Chapter Management section on our homepage (www.singlesgolf.com).  We provide a local website for your chapter that's been created so as to allow local members to update the website, post an article, photos, etc. using simple instructions.  Again, that, along with a lot of information for chapter leaders is under the Chapter Management section of the website.

Although each member receives a monthly newsletter with roster (subject to a newsletter being submitted to the national office in "raw" form) and an ASGA bag tag, lost club labels, etc., the "net-net" is that 99% of your benefit in joining ASGA is the opportunity to meet singles.  Yes, men meet women and vice-versa, but as it happens to be, men enjoy friendships with other men and the same go for the women.  We become a family of sorts.

If you travel, there's an opportunity to meeting with other singles in other cities.  Check the LIST OF ALL CHAPTERS at top left and review their websites and/or newsletters to see who's doing what / when.  It's just a matter of calling the contact person, explaining that you're in another chapter, and seeing if there's room to play with their group.

The dues paid support some full time and part time employees, as well as outside vendors, pay the rent, equipment leases, etc.  ASGA has expenses like any other business or organization.  Essentially, the national dues have never been an issue for anyone and for the price paid and the benefit received, we have a high rate of folks renewing their dues each year.  Membership is about the price of one round of golf at a nice course or an average course if you throw-in the hot dog at the turn.

At any rate, here is a chart of what we provide to individuals and chapters, from the guest area of the website.