Not Ready to Commit?
. . . we understand!

Starting an ASGA chapter does take some time, probably 4-6 hours each week initially. If the thought of "doing all this on your own" has crossed your mind, please understand that we DO NOT WANT you to do this on your own. As a potential chapter president, your number one responsibility is to DELEGATE to others.

So what we're looking for is an organizer, someone who can put the pieces in place. Someone who wants to make a dramatic change in their own personal lives and to break-away from the rut they are in now. You've got to have internal motivation to make this happen in your life.

Testimonials from our members suggest ASGA has made a major impact in their lives. Yes, we all work and do things to keep us busy - - things that we have to do. We somehow never take time out for ourselves. ASGA will provide that "structured time out" that you need in your life. We're not trying to sell you anything or push anything on you. We only ask that if something of this nature is important to you, why not do it now?

WARNING: You have to be a "people person." You've got to be able to build a team of volunteers. Get to know them, go out and play golf with them. Then get your people in place, your golf chairperson, your social chairperson, membership and communications chairpersons. The FOUR PEOPLE are your key team members. You can't delegate until people are in place. Once the people are in place, you'll find your job as chapter founder and chapter president to go a lot smoother.

Why do we dwell on this issue of delegation? Well, we've found that people who want to do it all themselves might do a great job the first year, but will burn-out quickly. In addition, it sends a signal to others that the "chapter president's job" is too time consuming, too involved. But to do it right, a good chapter president 1) builds a good team and 2) delegates.

Obviously, as the old 1950's TV show was entitled, "This is YOUR Life!" and the decision is yours whether to start a chapter of not. If either now or at some point in the future you wish to move forward with starting a chapter in your area, please contact our national president and founder, Tom Alsop, directly at

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