A Chapter's Basic Structure
This organizational chart represents your Board of Directors

    From its inception, ASGA has provided the framework for how chapters should operate.  Each chapter is “born” with a set of bylaws.  Your bylaws may be amended upon following the procedures outlined in the bylaws.

   The basic structure of a chapter is simple, as outlined below:

   Each position above has its specific responsibilities.  The more your chapter maintains a structure, the less likely there will be turmoil.  To review job responsibilities, go to the CHAPTER MANAGEMENT section on the national homepage (www.singlesgolf.com).  If you’re considering volunteering for any of the above positions, it would be wise to understand how to most effectively perform your job.  

   Meeting others on the golf course and the 19th hole is very important, however, ASGA stresses that volunteering on a committee is just another way to meet people, and that’s really what we’re about.  Committee Chairpersons are NOT chapter vice-presidents.  We discourage chapters from having the “veep” position and we have instead opted for the “Committee Chair” position, which encourages others to participate on a “committee” when joining the local chapter.

   Finally, you'll see that the President of the chapter delegates to the four Committee Chairpersons.  The President is not the do-all-to-all.  Each Committee Chair should know his/her responsibiliites.  A list of responsibilities for most positions are listed below:








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