New Chapter Terms and Conditions

In addition to our General Membership Terms and Conditions, individuals starting new chapters agree to the following New Chapter Terms and Conditions, the purpose of which is to protect the interests of the American Singles Golf Association (ASGA) and our local chapters:

ASGA is committed to building a national organization of singles golf chapters.  We realize we cannot do this alone and we need individuals who share our dream and who are willing to be pioneers in building this organization.  We realize these individuals are volunteers and typically have full-time jobs, or some may be happily retired.  We commit to you, as a chapter organizer and hopefully chapter leader, that we will do all within our power, both financially and time-wise, to assist you in building a local chapter organization.  We realize the impact ASGA can have on you and the members of your chapter and we want our organization to become part of your life. 

We will always encourage input and recommendations from you because we realize that the best solutions are found at the local chapter level.  We want to implement policies only when those policies are absolutely necessary and we want to give each chapter the freedom to have the flexibility to serve its members to the best of its ability.  We want all of the chapters to operate essentially in the same manner and we encourage chapters to enjoy playing with other chapters and learning from them so as to better serve your own members.  ASGA acts as a clearinghouse of ideas.  We want to pass along the things that work as well as those that don’t work.  This pledge is made to you because we want you to know that we are committed to your success.  If your chapter is a success, then there is a 100% likelihood that you and the members of your chapter will enjoy the fruits of the organization.    

As a new chapter organizer, upon payment of dues and your acceptance of these New Chapter Terms and Conditions, you accept the appointment as this new chapter's President and will commit to leading the chapter as its President until the end of the current calendar year.  Elections for each chapter president across the country occur in October of each year and both you and ASGA understands that if you serve a partial year, you are eligible to continue to serve the following year upon being elected by your chapter members in accordance with your bylaws.  You agree to do your best to promote membership in your chapter and encourage others to do the same.  

You are paying your dues now in order to show your commitment to seeing your new local chapter of the American Singles Golf Association fully organize.  You acknowledge that the information contained in this website or other related printed matter is copyrighted and is proprietary and you agree not to utilize this material and other information provided to you by ASGA in order to establish a non-ASGA singles golf, other singles, golf or other organization. 

You accept ASGA’s commitment to you outlined above and agree to notify ASGA immediately at any time that if, for any reason, you cannot continue to serve as the leader of your local chapter.

You agree to the above and will join ASGA immediately upon submission if you have not joined already.  A new chapter cannot be created in your locale if you are not a member.

Upon payment of dues and you agreeing to these New Chapter Terms and Conditions, ASGA will appoint you as the President of the new ASGA chapter and will work towards getting your initial website up and running.

- - ASGA, Inc. - September 1, 2018

(Any changes to the New Chapter Terms and Conditions will be stated below along with the effective date of the change.)

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