Our National Headquarters Provides***

To Chapters: 

  • Assistance in setting up a new chapter: bylaws, how to publicize the chapter, holding an organizational meeting and conducting the first golf outing.
  • On-going assistance and consulting on operating a local chapter.
  • Toll free number (1-888-GOLFMATE) for chapter leaders on conducting various areas of chapter management. Toll free fax is also available at 1-888-GOLFAX5.
  • Updates online of new member / new inquiry activity available on-demand
  • Application Forms, Sign-In and Sign-Up forms, and other management forms
  • Inter-Chapter Play (subject to nearby chapter)
  • Signage for local promotion of membership (provided in each new member kit)
  • Trade show support:  booth loaner, display stands, etc. Details at www.SinglesGolf.com/golfshow
  • Local chapter website at (yourchapter.singlesgolf.com)
  • Banner to advertise your chapter while playing golf (www.singlesgolf.com/banner)
  • A Meet-Up.com website to allow your chapter to notify other groups in your area that your chapter exists, a great way to grow your membership.


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To Individual Members:
  • A steady stream of single people to meet and enjoy through regular golf play and social interaction. This is the primary benefit to the member.
  • Monthly Newsletter* - (includes your chapter's local and national news)

  • New Chapter Roster for each member (mailed with newsletter* each month and posted online)
  • Membership Kit**, including the following:
        14 Lost Golf Club Labels
        Membership Card
  • Additional benefits arranged either by chapters individually or jointly by chapter and ASGA as well as a multitude of multi-chapter events. Benefits are not necessarily the same for each chapter and are subject to change from time to time.

  • $25.00 discount coupon towards ASGA National-sponsored Multi-Chapter Events. This benefit went into effect for any member joining or renewing after 01/01/15.  See coupon for details.

* Requires submission of info to national organization by local chapter each month.  Newsletter is in electronic form if you provide an e-mail address to ASGA.

** Only new members receive the membership kit.  Renewal members are given an opportunity to request a new bagtag and lost club labels each year on their anniversary date.

A national organization provides stability and consistency for local chapters. Each chapter should have a change in leadership from year-to-year, and ASGA will assist the new leadership in providing a high level of service and organization to its membership.

Your membership is generally transferable in case you move to a different city.

Benefits are subject to change. It is our desire to continue to provide appropriate benefits based on dues paid and we invite member input.

*** What we provide to chapters and members are more specifically detailed throughout our website:  www.SinglesGolf.com.  ASGA does not make any assurances in terms of you finding lost golf balls, the love of your life or ways to improve your golf game.  If you have a questions about what you receive as a member in more detail, please write to info@SinglesGolf.com.  Thank you!