ASGA Policies
Per your application form, you have agreed to these policies.

The purpose of these policies is to provide uniformity amongst all chapters of the American Singles Golf Association. ASGA provides opportunities for single persons to meet and enjoy each others’ company through regular golf outings, membership meetings, and other social events.  This is done primarily through its local chapters, which ASGA charters. As with any organization, these policies are subject to change as ASGA grows. Upon approval by ASGA, all policies will be posted on the official website, that these are policies that apply to the membership base in general.  Other policies, such as how your bank account should be set-up, event cancellation policy, membership applications, etc., are addressed throughout this website in their respective areas.)

NOTE:  In addition to these policies, membership in ASGA also requires you to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Indemnification as set for under

1.  ASGA Roster Policy (established February 1996)

The ASGA roster is for chapter use only and shall not be used for private or commercial solicitations. ASGA shall not distribute member data to any entity outside of ASGA for any reason whatsoever.

Individual members have the right to have certain information omitted from their chapter roster by notifying ASGA.

2.  ASGA Advertising Policy (established February 1996)

Local chapters may use the “ASGA” name and emblem for the purpose of promoting locally sanctioned events. The “ASGA” name or American Singles Golf Association may never be used in conjunction with a private function or offering made not on behalf of the local chapter.

3.  Local/Chapter Policies (established February, 1996)

Chapters may establish policies that are in their own interest. Such policies may include payment for golf outings, cancellation policy, use of email addresses, discounted golf fees for event coordinators and additional fees for non members to name a few. Policies should be discussed at the committee level and adopted through the board of directors. Each chapter should maintain a policy manual for local policies. That manual should be turned over the new board each year. Keeping the policies on the chapter’s website is also encouraged.

4.  Multi-Chapter Events Policy (established September 2000, amended January, 2004 and April, 2005)

Local chapters of 20 or more members are encouraged to host joint events with other chapters, however, they shall not sponsor or promote multi-chapter events (MCE's) that involve more than three (3) chapters without coordination with National Headquarters.  Host chapters are expected to follow established guidelines and templates for an MCE (as shown at

5.  Payment Policy (established September 2001)

All monies paid by members for local events shall be paid directly to the local chapter, otherwise these events shall be deemed as non-ASGA related events. Individuals making payments to other individuals within the chapter shall do so at their own risk. ASGA is not to be held responsible for loss of monies from events or operations generated by local chapters and vice versa.

6.  Disassociation Policy (established October, 2002)

ASGA is an organization involved in establishing official chapters that provide opportunities for singles to meet, primarily through golf and social activities. In as such, it shall be against the policy of ASGA for such chapters to become disassociated with ASGA without going through a certain due process, herein established.

No chapter may become disassociated with ASGA simply for reasons relating to their preference to keep all dues income for themselves. However, if a chapter, by two-thirds majority vote of its Board of Directors, seeks to disassociate from ASGA because it believes ASGA is not providing the services to its members and chapter as promised (as outlined at its website at, then the chapter may submit to ASGA, via certified mail - return receipt requested, a list of grievances.

Said list shall be referred to a grievance committee established by ASGA, consisting of one member from the subject chapter, one member from ASGA national headquarters or its representative, and three (3) “neutral” members chosen from random chapters. Such neutral members shall have served, or are presently serving, as local chapter presidents. One of the neutral members shall serve as chairperson of the committee and coordinate all activities.

The grievance committee shall receive a copy of such written grievance and review the grievance with the subject chapter. It shall then review the same grievances with ASGA.

If it is found that the grievances are frivolous, the grievance committee shall notify subject chapter and ASGA of such and the committee shall dissolve itself.

If the committee finds that there is merit to the chapter’s grievance, committee shall notify chapter and ASGA of such. ASGA shall be allowed thirty (30) days to correct such grievance and report back to the committee, who in turn shall report its conclusion report back to the subject chapter.

If, in the opinion of the grievance committee, ASGA has not corrected the grievances outlined within the thirty (30) day allocation period, subject chapter shall be allowed to become disassociated from ASGA with no consequence from ASGA.

In the event additional grievances are expressed by the subject chapter in the future, the same procedure shall be undertaken, by the same grievance committee members, if available, or selected in the same fashion as previously selected if the members are unavailable.

In the event subject chapter elects to disassociate from ASGA in violation of the due process outlined above, subject chapter shall pay an amount of money to ASGA equal to a projected amount of dues subject chapter would have collected (by comparing subject chapter’s city to other cities the same size) had it continued as an ASGA chapter for the next ten (10) years or twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), whichever is greater. Such payment shall be made within ten (10) days of such disassociation, whether formally announced or formally voted upon by the Board of Directors, or otherwise. If such payment is not made timely, the subject chapter’s officers and/or Board of Directors shall be personally responsible for said payment. ASGA reserves the right to pursue all other remedies allowed under state and federal law.

It is the policy of ASGA to keep the organization alive and well by continuing to service local chapters and continue to create new chapters. ASGA believes that it serves its members best by having chapters operate as part of the national association as opposed to splintered, individual clubs.

7.  Application Policy (established April, 2005)

Applications for membership are automatically approved upon payment of dues assuming all criteria established on the application are met.  In the instance payment is made and an application form is submitted without a signature, whether on a printed application, on-line (website) application, or application and/or renewal of dues over the phone or fax, the applier acknowledges and agrees to abide by the same terms and conditions set forth on the application form as if application form was actually signed and submitted.

8.  Appointment Policy (established September, 2006)

Chapters are required to elect a new chapter president each year.  If such election is not held in accordance with the chapter Bylaws, then ASGA National may appoint a chapter president upon consultation with the current chapter's Board of Director members and other members.  (Additional policy established November, 2009:)  Upon the establishment of a new chapter or upon the re-constitution of an existing chapter, the appointed chapter president may fill any local Board position by making appointments as necessary without holding elections.

9.  Guest Policy (established January, 2008)

Guests are allowed to attend one event (meeting, social or golf outing) prior to joining, however, guests must become members in order to participate in any additional events.  Chapters may not create additional tiers of membership such as "guest members," "temporary member," or "local members only."

10.  Membership, Equality, Marriage and Termination of Membership (established April, 2008)*

ASGA membership is open to any person, 21 years of age or older, who is unmarried (i.e. never married, divorced, legally separated or widowed) without regard to race, creed, gender or national origin.  Any official event sponsored by the national organization or local chapters must be open to all members on an equal basis subject to space availability.  Members who marry during the term of their dues period shall remain members until the end of their dues period.*  The national office has the right to decline or terminate any member's membership if the national office determines that such membership is not in the best interest of ASGA.  In such cases, dues will be refunded on a prorata basis.

10-A  * Amendment to Above Policy (established December, 2014 and amended January, 2019)

Any member who pays for a membership for a time period greater than one year and becomes married automatically loses their membership after their next membership anniversary date.  A partial refund will be provided upon request.

11.  Promotions (established December, 2010)
Occasionally, ASGA will offer promotions or "free membership periods" whereas persons who have never been a member of ASGA are invited and may join the ASGA.  Any individual joining under such promotion or premise understands that this membership does not entitle them to have right or ability to sit on local Boards of Directors or hold any voting priviledges within their chapter until such time as the regular and full dues amount which others are currently paying, is paid.  Such promotions or "free memberships" shall be limited to individuals who are not currently members nor have ever been a member within the previous 5 years.  (This policy was previously posted under (our Terms and Conditions page) and agreed to by all members who have joined or renewed since December, 2010.)

12.  National Officer Ex-Officio Member of All Chapter (established January, 2011)

The currently serving national president of ASGA shall also be an ex-officio, non-voting member of all chapters.  Dues are not owed nor shall they be paid. 

13.  Dues Rebates to Local Chapters (established January, 2011)

Receiving a local chapter's monthly newsletter is a stated benefit for the individual who pays to join ASGA.  Effective with the May, 2011 newsletters, any chapter not submitting such monthly newsletter to the national office will forego its portion of the dues rebate for that month.

14.  Chapter Dissolution (established January, 2014)

In the event a chapter dissolves for any reason, the National Office of ASGA may transfer current members into the chapter nearest them.  After such transfer, if there is sufficient interest by members living in the original chapter location to re-establish a chapter, members may transfer back to the newly established chapter.  A minimum of fifteen (15) existing or new members must indicate their desire to do so by notifying the National Office of ASGA.

15.  Reunions (established August, 2014)

In the spirit of connecting former members with current members, the National Association and Local Chapters shall be allowed to host up to two (2) events each calendar year whereby former members, whether married or not, may be invited to and participate in those events.  The event must be publicized as a "reunion event," and current members are to be notified that former members who are married or in a partnership relationship may attend.  Event administers shall, in some form or fashion, notate to others attending the event, either through nametags and/or attendee listings in the program, that said former members are not current members.  Any former member may be charged up to an additional ten percent (10%) of the registration cost of the event.  

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