ASGA Members Invited to the World Amateur Tournament
Myrtle Beach, SC - August 27-31, 2018

Imagine being around 3,000+ golfers from all around the world for four days of fun, food and fairways! This annual event is played at 58 different courses along the Grand Strand. Every night you'll attend the 19th Hole Party at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Not sponsored by ASGA, but you'll have an opportunity to meet other golfers and see exhibits from major golf manufacturers. ASGA attendees would play golf and socialize with non-ASGA members, so not your typical multi-chapter event, just so you're aware. Our official ASGA-related website will be posted soon showing special ASGA rate/offer for attending.

This event used to be known as the Dupont World Amateur. It is sponsored by Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday whose mission is to promote golf trips and vacations to the Myrtle Beach area, which has 80-100 courses, depending on how far up and down the coast you go.

All ASGA members are welcome to attend and you would be responsible for securing your own roommate, hotel, etc. Registration is now open.


Don't Want to Compete but Just Want to Play for Fun?

For the first time this event will offer a flight for those who wish to compete "Just For Fun." This flight will not require a handicap or anything other than a few golf clubs and your best attitude! This flight is great for players who don't keep a handicap, juniors, mixed couples, friends who want to play together, or those who just can't seem to find the bottom of the cup. No scores, no handicaps, just pure FUN! Look for the "Just for Fun" link on the official event website.

Special Offer to ASGA Members:  If 8 or more of our members sign-up through the "Register" link below, we can receive a free round on Sunday afternoon, August 26.

For general information about this event, go to the Myrtle Beach World Amateur official website
Here's a YouTube video that sums-up the event . . . click here.
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