The Ireland Trip in Brief

Depart USA on June 29, Arrive in Dublin June 30, Depart Dublin July 11, 2018, Arrive in USA Same Day*

06/28/18 - A new itinerary is shown through the Program and Pairings Guide. See it here.

4/30/18 - NOTE:  The "Iceland Side Trip" is not going to happen. After receiving quotes from various venues, it appears it will be too expensive and we did not reach a minimum number of persons interested to make it a reality.

4/23/18 - NOTE:  We currently have all attendees who wanted roommates WITH roommates, so we cannot take any additional registrants unless 1) you have a roommate who'll sign-up with you, or 2) you room by yourself. This goes for both men and women.  Update 4/30/18: We have one gentleman interested in attending if another man would like to room with him. Contact the ASGA office at 980-833-6450 if you'd like to inquire about this.

TIME SENSITIVE: Our original hopes were to include Old Head Golf Course, one of the most famous and unusual golf courses in the world, on this event. However, schedule-wise, we could not obtain any more than eight (8) tee times for 32 players, beginning at 2:54pm on July 5. If you wish to play this course, see details under the green GOLF tab at left and we suggest you book this course with your registration by March 7, 2018. This is peak season in the south of Ireland and we've been told tee times go fast. More details on Old Head GC at by clicking here.

This is a 12-day Multi-Chapter Trip to Ireland for Any ASGA Members to attend that includes:

  • 11 nights / 12 days in four areas of Ireland (Dublin, Waterford/Cork, Galway, Belfast and return to Dublin)
  • Full hot Irish breakfasts each morning included with your hotel stay
  • Welcoming Dinner upon arrival PLUS six (6) additional Dinners (other dinners/lunches on your own) 
  • 4 rounds of golf (incl. range balls, proximity prizes). Carts vary by course but are add'l. cost & medical letter may be necessary. We'll have one optional round available at Old Head at an additional cost.
  • Group transportation to and from cities and our various venues. No car rental necessary.
  • Day excursions and venue tickets for sightseeing in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast
  • Includes all resort service fees and Value Added Taxes (VAT)
  • Plastic nametag and Program & Pairings Guide (including day-to-day itinerary)

Kaching!  We have calculated that if you were to do this trip on your own, you'd pay about 21% more than what our group rate is!

* We are still considering a pre- or post-stopover in or side trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. Details forthcoming, however, please do not make any airline reservations until this has been decided, hopefully by March 5.

PLEASE CHECK BACK TO THIS WEBSITE ON A REGULAR BASIS to review any changes. We will not be sending emails out each time there is a minor change. At any time there could be special notices or updates to this event. That info will be posted under the "Emails/Updates" link on the left side of this page.

Before You Travel . . . Before You Sign-Up . . .

There are always risks involved with travel, both in the U. S. and internationally.  This website is about a group traveling to the Republic of Ireland (the southwest/southern part of the island) and Northern Ireland, the northeast area of the island.  Others may want to extend their trip, adding days before or after.  In any case, we ask that you visit and specifically the section dealing with Ireland prior to making plans or departing.  One item in particular is that you will need to make certain your passport is good for at least six (6) months after your visit and preferably six (6) month.  You may not be allowed to travel is your passport expires 30-45 days after your visit is over.  At the .gov site above, you'll see information about pre-trip planning and other very important items.

The American Singles Golf Association (ASGA) is known for its top quality international trips.  For most members, these are a trip of a lifetime and as such, we don't cut corners.  You'll stay in the top hotels in Ireland (4- and 5-star), play some of the top courses and have some great meals and make friends that may become lifelong friends.

HOTEL ROOMS & ROOMMATES:  You can register at any time, however, when we fill-up our block of rooms, we may not be able to get additional rooms because the public will be reserving rooms as well. So please don't assume you can wait until the last minute to register. Register right away and if you know you'll have a roommate, it helps if both of you register around the same day. IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you're the last person to register for this event and we don't have a roommate for you, you may have to pay the "room-by-myself" package, so REGISTER EARLY to keep from being the last to register!

WORTH CHECKING INTO:  Rick Steves' Travel Tips

Who's Coming:  Over 75 members placed a deposit on this trip. The Who's Coming page (see left green tab) is updated weekly as members pay or place deposits.

Based on past history with European trips of this size group, 58% roomed by themselves and 42% of our attendees had a roommate. So when we reserve rooms for this trip, we use that formula so the hotel knows to provide ample number of rooms with two beds and rooms with king/queen beds. Under our group contracts with the four hotels we'll utilize, we have what are called "ROH" or "Run of House" rooms which means the hotel can put our attendees in any of their rooms in the hotel. We do that to get our best rates which hopefully gets our largest attendance. However, we don't have two men or two women in the same bed, regardless!

Airfare is NOT INCLUDED in any package.  See the "Getting There" tab at left for sample airline rates.


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Emails / Updates - - Most Recent Emails Posted First

It is our policy to email significant updates to attendees during and after the registration period.  If you do not have email or access to email, we rely on you to stay updated on the event by checking-in with this website from time to time.  All emails that update, modify or alter any detail of this event will have links to this page for your later review.  ASGA is not responsible if you do not read or receive emails once you're registered.  Continue to check back to this site for updates.

To make sure you get all the emails, use this form to add your email.  Note:  Even though you submit your email to us, they may not always be welcomed by your inbox. This is especially true with emails ending in or  In order to have the best chance for our emails to get into your email account, please add these FIVE (5) email addresses to your address book in your email account:

6/28/2018 Email from Tom Alsop to all attendees

Hi Guys -

As the past few days have flown by, I've managed to take a few note of things that I think would help you on your trip ahead to Ireland. This may be my last email to you unless something really hits me tomorrow to send another one.

Attached with this email is a PDF of the Program and Pairings Guide. You'll receive a printed copy of this in booklet form at our FIRST EVENT, a welcome gathering and dinner at The Croke Park Hotel at 5pm on Saturday. But you may want to print it out as it will make better reading than what they offer on the plane.

1) Take a photo of your passport page (the page with your photo) and email it to yourself in case you lose your passport. You can always retrieve your email.

2) Don't forget to put your mail on hold through

3) Upon arrival at the Dublin airport, as you leave the luggage and customs area, you'll enter the "public" area where people are waiting to greet arrivals. Look for a man holding a 8.5 x 11" "ASGA" sign and meet-up with him. He's your motor coach driver who'll take you to the Croke Park Hotel. If your flight is late arriving, call or go to the information desk and have them call 353-21-430-9090. Since it's a Saturday, you'll have to leave a message for someone to call your phone or another phone you leave them, i.e. info desk. Leave a message and leave your phone number and they'll get back with you. Or . . . call or text my number and I will get with the motor coach company, Cronin Coaches. I'm at 704-577-9481. If all else fails, take a taxi to the hotel located at: The Croke Park Hotel, Jones's Road, Dublin 3, Ireland. Save your receipt and give to Tom that evening.

For those coming in through Terminal 1 (i.e. Edel, Brad and Ellie), the coach will NOT pick you up so you will have to take a taxi. Save your receipt and give to Tom that evening.

4) Weather in Dublin during July: Highs in the high 60's or low 70's. Lows in the low 50's in the mornings. No need for a heavy jacket but a light jacket should be with you every day in case the wind picks up. Good article from TripAdvisor:

5) Make sure your name is on your luggage bags AND your golf bag. Don't forget to pack your golf shoes, socks, etc.

6) A few folks asked about how much cash to bring to Ireland. You obviously can use your credit card at most establishments, i.e. lunches/dinners on your own, gifts, etc., but if you're hiring a caddie, you'll need to pay the caddie in cash + any tip. Motorized golf carts, a/k/a buggies, can be paid with your card at the pro shop. Remember, if you purchase items that you're taking home with you, save the receipt. You can get a refund on your VAT (value added tax) at an airport location, if you allow some time to go there and do that. Once I purchased some jellies/jams in Scotland but when I got to the airport, they had liquified a bit and consequently i could not carry them back with me on my carry-on. So think about those kinds of things.

7) I have sent all of the medical letters over to the golf courses. Folks with medical letters get first shot at a golf cart. A medical letter is not required to rent a motorized buggy at The Royal Dublin but they don't have many carts and I have asked them to get some more. We'll see what they can do when we get there. It's a pretty flat course by the sea. JUST BECAUSE YOU REQUESTED A GOLF CART AND WE HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR REQUEST TO THE GOLF COURSE DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL GET ONE. IT'S ALL SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.  COURSES IN IRELAND DON'T HAVE THE QUANTITIES OF CARTS WE HAVE HERE IN THE USA. WE'LL DO OUR BEST.

8) I'm required to tell you about the dress code at Royal Dublin. See attached.

9) Uber is regulated in Ireland and does not allow private cars, other than limos, to be used to compete against the taxi companies. However, the APP TO USE is one called MyTaxi. What MyTaxi does is works like Uber but instead finds the closest available taxi to you, from a variety of taxi companies, and heads your way upon request through the app. Might be worth downloading before you get to Ireland.

10) If something happens and you miss the motor coach, call or text Tom on his cell phone at 1-704-577-9481, which may be difficult if you don’t have an international calling plan. Check with your carrier before you leave the states if you'd like to get a calling plan. Dial 611 on your iPhone if you're with AT&T.

Safe travels to you all - - see you on Saturday at the 5:00pm welcome gathering and dinner at The Croke Park Hotel in Dublin.

Kind regards, 

Tom Alsop

Attachments to email dated 6/28/2018

Royal Dublin Dress Code

Program and Pairings Guide

6/22/2018 Email from Tom Alsop to all attendees:

Hello Ireland ASGA Travelers:

Attached is a Word document that I've had all five (5) of our golf courses return to me regarding their policies and methods for reserving caddies, golf carts, pull carts, etc.  Golfers in Ireland generally walk courses and therefore when we priced this event, knowing there were a very few golf carts available at each course, carts were not included. Some courses require a medical letter and some don't. Some course have more carts than others. All courses have pull/push carts.  I will email all of the medical letters you have sent to me to the courses.  NOTE: Having permission to get a cart will still require you to pay for golf cart. If you pay for the cart, it's your payment unless you can convince someone in your foursome to share the cost of the cart. That's between you and them. 

If someone in your group hires a caddie, that is that person's caddie, not the caddie for the group. If there is a caddie available, your foursome may agree to all "go in" and hire that caddie for that day and share the cost of the caddie per the fee outlined in the Word document. Remember: caddies are paid in the local cash, euros or pounds.

Also attached to this email is a PDF of the PROOF VERSION of the Program & Pairings Guide which contains the pairings. Earlier this week, I sent the pairings to you and asked to notify us if we made any mistakes. We found a few and have made those corrections. Please notify us by MIDNIGHT MONDAY, JUNE 25 if there are any problems with the pairings.  We plan to print the program on Tuesday morning.

Some of you are really great at proofing things so I ask you to GO FOR IT . . . you know from my golf game I'm only human and that relates to communicating with you about your upcoming 12 days in Ireland.  Email me back if you see anything that's unclear.

I'm working with a motor coach company who knows the distances between certain venues so we may have to make some changes "on the fly" once we're there.

A few housekeeping things to think about in the meantime:

1) Be sure to bring your cell phone charger with your cell phone, your passport and any medications you're required to take.

2) Here's a checklist of other things you might want to bring:

3) Call your credit card companies or go online and notify them that you're overseas so you'll be clear to use your card

4) Before you leave, enroll in the State Department's "Smart Traveler Enrollment Program" (STEP). This is important in case something happens to you. Go to to enroll.

5) When we arrive in a new town, it's important to review the Program to see when you're supposed to have dinners or lunches on your own. So be thinking about who you'd like to have those meals with and ask for suggestions from the hotel concierge.

6) Be VERY CAREFUL walking off the curb onto a street. Cars are coming from the other direction and some street are very narrow.

7) The package everyone purchased included seven dinners and no lunches as other dinners/lunches are on your own. As things have had to work-out, we've included eight dinners and one lunch. The exchange rate has worked in your favor so I'll be doing some refunds to each of you after the event but I need to deduct the costs of these other group meals, about $75 from your exchange refund. If this doesn't work for you, let me know by midnight Monday, June 25 and we won't have those meals for you (hope that doesn't sound bad, does it?). But you won't have to go to bed early!

8) Hairdryers are in every room. You'll need an adapter for your US notebooks or other electronics. Ireland uses a 3-prong adapter that looks like this:  Bed, Bath and Beyond sells adapters.

9) We have 3-4 people who will not play all rounds of golf or no rounds at all. We have communicated with these ladies asking if they'd like to partake in our meals that we'll have at the golf courses. Please let me know

I'll be sending out another email, most likely around Tuesday, so please get corrections/suggestions to me by Monday midnight.

Kind regards, 

Tom Alsop

Attachment to email dated 6/22/2018

To ASGA Members playing golf in Ireland . . . here are the policies of our various golf courses relative to caddies, golf and pull carts.  Note that all prices are in either Euros (€) or British Pounds (£).  Note: Caddies are typically paid in cash. Be prepared and bring cash with you if you’re hiring a caddie.

First Round:  The Royal Dublin Golf Club

1) What is the cost of a caddie?  It costs €50+tip to hire a caddie here at Royal Dublin.  

2) What is the cost of a forecaddie?  It is €100 for a fore caddies for a group of four. It's €75 for a three ball.

3) How do our members book a caddie or forecaddie? Can they email their request to you and at what email address?  If you let me know the total number of caddies required by your whole group I will let the pro shop know and they will be ready for when you arrive here soon. (Note to ASGA members regarding caddie hire at this course and Old Head:  email caddie request to by midnight Eastern time, June 27 and I will forward to those two courses per their request, otherwise, you must contact other courses directly. We cannot do forecaddies unless everyone in your foursome agrees to it, otherwise, you pay for a personal caddie.)

4) Can our members pay you directly the day of our golf event for the caddie?  Yes. We ask that you pay for caddies by cash on the day you are playing.

5) What is the cost of a motorized buggy?  €40.00

6) Can our members pay you the day of our golf event for the motorized buggy?  Yes, you can pay in the pro shop on the day you are golfing.

7) Is a medical letter required to rent a motorized buggy at your course? Can they email their request to you and at what email address?  A medical letter is not required to rent a motorized buggy. is the email to contact us here in the office.

8) What is the cost of a pull/push cart at your course?  It is €4 for a pull trolley & €15 for an electric trolley.

9) Does your course have a driving/practice range?  We do have a driving range, chipping area and also a putting green here at RDGC.

10) Are range balls additional or are range balls included in the price we pay?  Range tokens are free and can be collected from the pro shop on arrival at RDGC.

11) Most of our players will most likely walk using a pull/push cart. Do you have an ample number of these for our size group? We have plenty on pull trolleys and definitely enough to cater for your group and more.

Second Round:  Fota Island Golf Course

1) What is the cost of a caddie? – We do not have caddies on staff therefore they are not available on this date.

2) What is the cost of a forecaddie – N/A

3) How do our members book a caddie or forecaddie? Can they email their request to you and at what email address? – N/A

4) Can our members pay you directly the day of our golf event for the caddie? – N/A

5) What is the cost of a motorized buggy? €35 per buggy

6) Can our members pay you the day of our golf event for the motorized buggy? – This can be paid to the Pro Shop on the day

7) Is a medical letter required to rent a motorized buggy at your course? Can they email their request to you and at what email address? No medical cert required

8) What is the cost of a pull/push cart at your course? Pull trolley €4 and Electric €15. Electric trollies are limited in availability.

9) Does your course have a driving/practice range? Yes and range tokens are €3 available in the Pro Shop

10) Are range balls additional or are range balls included in the price we pay? €3 per token available in the Pro Shop

11) Most of our players will most likely walk using a pull/push cart. Do you have an ample number of these for our size group? We have ample push / pull carts

Optional Third Round:  Old Head Golf Course

1) What is the cost of a caddie?  Senior caddy – Single Bag €50.00 and Double Bag - €40.00 per bag

2) What is the cost of a forecaddie?  1-2 players €25.00 per bag, 3-4 players €20.00 per bag

3) How do our members book a caddie or forecaddie? Can they email their request to you and at what email address?  Players can reserve a caddy by coming back to you – and you can collate all the requests – this would be easier than receiving individual requests.  (Note to ASGA members regarding caddie hire at this course and Royal Dublin:  email caddie request to by midnight Eastern time, June 27 and I will forward to those two courses per their request, otherwise, you must contact other courses directly. We cannot do forecaddies unless everyone in your foursome agrees to it, otherwise, you pay for a personal caddie.)

4) Can our members pay you directly the day of our golf event for the caddie?  Caddies are paid directly on the day in cash – we have an ATM on site

5) What is the cost of a motorized buggy?  A buggy cost €60.00 and is payable on the day in the proshop – please pre-book as we only have 15 and priority is given to players with medical certs.

6) Can our members pay you the day of our golf event for the motorized buggy? Yes, they can

7) Is a medical letter required to rent a motorized buggy at your course? Can they email their request to you and at what email address?  A medical certificate is only required if access to the greens is required. If not – carts must stay within the cart paths. Please send medical certs by email in advance.

8) What is the cost of a pull/push cart at your course?  We only use non-motorized push trolleys @ €15.00 – payable on the day in the pro shop.

9) Does your course have a driving/practice range?  Yes, we do indeed.

10) Are range balls additional or are range balls included in the price we pay?  Range balls are included – gold balls for the round can be purchased in the pro shop

11) Most of our players will most likely walk using a pull/push cart. Do you have an ample number of these for our size group?  We have 40 push trolleys

Fourth Round:  Galway Bay Golf Resort

1) What is the cost of a caddie? €50

2) What is the cost of a forecaddie €50

3) How do our members book a caddie or forecaddie? Can they email their request to you and at what email address? Just email

4) Can our members pay you directly the day of our golf event for the caddie? Yes

5) What is the cost of a motorized buggy? €35

6) Can our members pay you the day of our golf event for the motorized buggy? Yes, but pre-order is recommended

7) Is a medical letter required to rent a motorized buggy at your course? Can they email their request to you and at what email address? No

8) What is the cost of a pull/push cart at your course? €4

9) Does your course have a driving/practice range? Yes – Full Sized Driving range, and separate Putting green and chipping greens

10) Are range balls additional or are range balls included in the price we pay? We will include range balls complimentary for your group!

11) Most of our players will most likely walk using a pull/push cart. Do you have an ample number of these for our size group? Yes, no shortage of them

Final (5th) Round:  Ardglass Golf Club    (prices shown are in British Pounds, not Euros)

1) What is the cost of a caddie? £45.00 plus gratuity or double bag £80 plus gratuity 

2) What is the cost of a forecaddie £80.00 plus gratuity 

3) How do our members book a caddie or forecaddie? Can they email their request to you and at what email address? Yes, email request to

4) Can our members pay you directly the day of our golf event for the caddie? Yes, pay direct to caddy post round

5) What is the cost of a motorized buggy? £30.00

6) Can our members pay you the day of our golf event for the motorized buggy? Yes, direct to ProShop 

7) Is a medical letter required to rent a motorized buggy at your course? Can they email their request to you and at what email address? No letter required and can be reserved via

8) What is the cost of a pull/push cart at your course?  £3.00

9) Does your course have a driving/practice range? Yes, we do but it's a drive from the clubhouse and players must have their own balls. We have a warm up net behind the 1st tee

10) Are range balls additional or are range balls included in the price we pay? As above 

11) Most of our players will most likely walk using a pull/push cart. Do you have an ample number of these for our size group?  I will make sure to have.


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Chat with Others

We used to call this page the FORUM page but it's essentially a place where attendees can post questions, offer to be a roommate, or announce that you're looking for a roommate, etc.  Motor coach transportation will be provided for our group travel. Just click on the link below and post something . . . then keep checking back to see if you have an answer.

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Cities and Hotels

Once we land on the East Coast city of Dublin, Ireland, we begin our tour through a number of cities and countryside in a counter-clockwise fashion.  Click here to see the map for general illustration purposes.

Shown below are the five (5) primary areas we will visit:  


Dublin is the capital of and largest city in Ireland. Dublin is located in the province of Leinster on the east coast of Ireland, at the mouth of the River Liffey and bordered on the South by the Wicklow Mountains. The city has an urban area population of 1,173,179.
There is archaeological debate regarding precisely where Dublin was established by Celtic-speaking people in the 7th century. Later expanded as a Viking settlement, the Kingdom of Dublin became Ireland's principal city following the Norman invasion. (No relation to Greg Norman.) The city expanded rapidly from the 17th century and was briefly the second largest city in the British Empire before the Acts of Union in 1800. Following the partition of Ireland in 1922, Dublin became the capital of the Irish Free State, later renamed Ireland.
HOTEL: While in Dublin, we'll stay at The Croke Park hotel.  After our first few days in Dublin, we'll head to another city, Waterford, also with Viking connections.

To see Rick Steves in a video about Dublin, click here.   More on Dublin at Wikipedia, click here.

The Croke Park Hotel - Dublin


Just so you're "crystal clear," Waterford is a city in Ireland, County Waterford, in the south east of Ireland and is part of the province of Munster. The city is situated at the head of Waterford Harbour. It is the oldest and the fifth most populous city in the Republic of Ireland. It is the eighth most populous city on the island of Ireland. Waterford is known for Waterford Crystal, a legacy of the city's former glass-making industry. According to the 2016 Census, 53,504 people live in the city of Waterford and its suburbs.
Viking raiders first established a settlement near Waterford in 853. It and all the other longphorts (a term used for a Viking ship shore fortress) were vacated in 902, the Vikings having been driven out by the native Irish. The Vikings re-established themselves in Ireland at Waterford in 914, led at first by Ottir Iarla (Jarl Ottar) until 917, and after that by Ragnall ua Ímair and the Uí Ímair dynasty, and built what would be Ireland's first city. Among the most prominent rulers of Waterford was Ivar of Waterford.
In 1167, Diarmait Mac Murchada, the deposed King of Leinster, failed in an attempt to take Waterford. He returned in 1170 with Cambro-Norman mercenaries under Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (known as Strongbow); together they besieged and took the city after a desperate defense. In furtherance of the Norman invasion of Ireland, King Henry II of England landed at Waterford in 1171. Waterford and then Dublin were declared royal cities, with Dublin also declared capital of Ireland.
We won't spend the night in Waterford but plan to visit the House of Waterford Crystal, then head to Cork later today.

To see a video with Rick Steves on Waterford and other areas, click here.  More on Waterford at Wikipedia, click here.


Cork (from corcach, meaning "marsh") is a university city in south-west Ireland, in the province of Munster, which had a population of 125,622 in 2016 and sits near the Celtic Sea. The city is situated on the River Lee which splits into two channels at the western end and divides the city centre into islands. They reconverge at the eastern end where the quays and docks along the river banks lead outwards towards Lough Mahon and Cork Harbour, which is one of the largest natural harbours in the world by navigational area. Expanded by Viking invaders around 915, the city's charter was granted by Prince John, as Lord of Ireland, in 1185. Cork city was once fully walled, and the remnants of the old medieval town centre can be found around South and North Main streets.
Cork was originally a monastic settlement, reputedly founded by Saint Finbarr in the 6th century. Cork achieved an urban character at some point between 915 and 922 when Norseman (Viking) settlers founded a trading port. It has been proposed that, like Dublin, Cork was an important trading centre in the global Scandinavian trade network. The ecclesiastical settlement continued alongside the Viking longphort, with the two developing a type of symbiotic relationship; the Norsemen providing otherwise unobtainable trade goods for the monastery, and perhaps also military aid.
The city's charter was granted by Prince John, as Lord of Ireland, in 1185. The city was once fully walled, and some wall sections and gates remain today. For much of the Middle Ages, Cork city was an outpost of Old English culture in the midst of a predominantly hostile Gaelic countryside and cut off from the English government in the Pale around Dublin. Neighbouring Gaelic and Hiberno-Norman lords extorted "Black Rent" from the citizens to keep them from attacking the city. The present extent of the city has exceeded the medieval boundaries of the Barony of Cork City; it now takes in much of the neighbouring Barony of Cork. Together, these baronies are located between the Barony of Barrymore to the east, Muskerry East to the west and Kerrycurrihy to the south.
The city's municipal government was dominated by about 12–15 merchant families, whose wealth came from overseas trade with continental Europe – in particular the export of wool and hides and the import of salt, iron and wine. The medieval population of Cork was about 2,100 people. It suffered a severe blow in 1349 when almost half the townspeople died of plague when the Black Death arrived in the town. In 1491, Cork played a part in the English Wars of the Roses when Perkin Warbeck a pretender to the English throne, landed in the city and tried to recruit support for a plot to overthrow Henry VII of England. The then mayor of Cork and several important citizens went with Warbeck to England but when the rebellion collapsed they were all captured and executed. The title of Mayor of Cork was established by royal charter in 1318, and the title was changed to Lord Mayor in 1900 following the knighthood of the incumbent Mayor by Queen Victoria on her Royal visit to the city.
HOTEL: While in Cork, we'll stay at The River Lee hotel.  After a few days in Cork and the surrounding area, we'll head to the western city of Galway which sits at the Atlantic Ocean.
To see a fly-over video with some beautiful music in the background, click here.  More on Cork at Wikipedia, click here.
A documentary-style video about Cork is here.
The River Lee Hotel - Cork


Galway is a city in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht. Galway City Council is the local authority for the city. Galway lies on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay and is surrounded by County Galway. It is the fourth most populous urban area in the Republic of Ireland and the sixth most populous city in the island of Ireland. According to the 2016 Irish Census, Galway city has a population of 79,504; however, the rural county agglomeration is far more populous. Galway will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020, alongside Rijeka, Croatia.
The city also bears the nickname "City of the Tribes" because of the fourteen merchant families called the "tribes of Galway" who led the city in its Hiberno-Norman period. Residents of the city are referred to as Galwegians.

Dún Gaillimhe ("Fort at the Mouth (bottom) of the Gaillimh") was constructed in 1124, by the King of ConnachtTairrdelbach Ua Conchobair (1088–1156). A settlement grew around it. During the Norman invasion of Connacht in the 1230s, Dún Gaillimhe was captured by Richard Mor de Burgh, who had led the invasion. As the de Burghs eventually became Gaelicised, the merchants of the town, the Tribes of Galway, pushed for greater control over the walled city.

During the Middle Ages, Galway was ruled by an oligarchy of fourteen merchant families (twelve who claimed to be of Norman origin and two of Irish origin). These were the "Tribes of Galway". The city thrived on international trade, and in the Middle Ages, it was the principal Irish port for trade with Spain and France. The most famous reminder of those days is ceann an bhalla ("the end of the wall"), now known as the Spanish Arch, constructed during the mayoralty of Wylliam Martin (1519–20). In 1477 Christopher Columbus visited Galway, possibly stopping off on a voyage to Iceland or the Faroe Islands. Seven or eight years later, he noted in the margin of his copy of Imago Mundi:This led to their gaining complete control over the city and to the granting of mayoral status by the English crown in December 1484. Galway endured difficult relations with its Irish neighbours. A notice over the west gate of the city, completed in 1562 by Mayor Thomas Óge Martyn, stated "From the Ferocious O'Flahertys may God protect us". A by-law forbade the native Irish (as opposed to Galway's Hiberno-Norman citizens) unrestricted access into Galway, saying "neither O’ nor Mac shall strutte nor swagger through the streets of Galway" without permission.

Men of Cathay have come from the west. [Of this] we have seen many signs. And especially in Galway in Ireland, a man and a woman, of extraordinary appearance, have come to land on two tree trunks [or timbers? or a boat made of such?

The most likely explanation for these bodies is that they were Inuit swept eastward by the North Atlantic Current.

During the 16th and 17th centuries Galway remained loyal to the English crown for the most part, even during the Gaelic resurgence, perhaps for reasons of survival. However, by 1642 the city had allied itself with the Catholic Confederation of Kilkenny during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. During the resulting Cromwellian conquest of Ireland, Cromwellian forces captured the city after a nine-month siege. At the end of the 17th century the city supported the Jacobites in the Williamite war in Ireland and was captured by the Williamites after a very short siege not long after the Battle of Aughrim in 1691. The great families of Galway were ruined. The city suffered further under the potato famines of 1845–1852, and it did not fully recover until the period of strong economic growth of the late 20th century (see Celtic Tiger). 

HOTEL: While in Galway, we'll stay at The Galmont.  After a couple of days in Galway, we'll head towards Belfast and our hotel in Newcastle, a coastal town southwest of Belfast, in Northern Ireland.

To see a video by Tyler Travel on Galway, click here.  More on Galway at Wikipedia, click here.

The Galmont Hotel and Spa - Galway

Belfast and Newcastle

Belfast, meaning "rivermouth of the sandbanks" is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, and the second largest on the island of Ireland. On the River Lagan, it had a population of 333,871 in 2015.
By the early 1800s the former town was home to a major port. Belfast played a key role in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, becoming the biggest linen producer in the world, earning it the nickname "Linenopolis". By the time it was granted city status in 1888, it was a major centre of the Irish linen as well as tobacco-processing, rope-making and shipbuilding industries. Harland and Wolff, which built the RMS Titanic, was the world's biggest and most productive shipyard. It later also sustained a major aerospace and missiles industry. Industrialisation and the inward migration it brought made Belfast Ireland's biggest city at the time. It became the capital of Northern Ireland following the Partition of Ireland in 1922. Its status as a global industrial centre ended in the decades after the Second World War.
The city suffered greatly during the Troubles, and was once considered in the 1970s and 1980s as one of the world's most dangerous cities. But since the 21st century the city has undergone a sustained period of calm, free from the intense political violence of former years, and substantial economic and commercial growth. Today, Belfast remains a centre for industry, as well as the arts, higher education, business, and law, and is the economic engine of Northern Ireland. Belfast is still a major port, with commercial and industrial docks dominating the Belfast Lough shoreline, including the Harland and Wolff shipyard. It is served by two airports: George Best Belfast City Airport in the city, and Belfast International Airport 15 miles  west of the city. It is listed by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC) as a global city.
The site of Belfast has been occupied since the Bronze Age. The Giant's Ring, a 5,000-year-old henge, is located near the city, and the remains of Iron Age hill forts can still be seen in the surrounding hills. Belfast remained a small settlement of little importance during the Middle Ages. John de Courcy built a castle on what is now Castle Street in the city centre in the 12th century, but this was on a lesser scale and not as strategically important as Carrickfergus Castle to the north, which was built by de Courcy in 1177. The O'Neill clan had a presence in the area.
In the 14th century, Cloinne Aodha Buidhe, descendants of Aodh Buidhe O'Neill built Grey Castle at Castlereagh, now in the east of the city. Conn O'Neill of the Clannaboy O'Neills owned vast lands in the area and was the last inhabitant of Grey Castle, one remaining link being the Conn's Water river flowing through east Belfast.
Belfast has been the capital of Northern Ireland since its establishment in 1921 following the Government of Ireland Act 1920. It had been the scene of various episodes of sectarian conflict between its Catholic and Protestant populations. These opposing groups in this conflict are now often termed republican and loyalist respectively, although they are also loosely referred to as 'nationalist' and 'unionist'. The most recent example of this conflict was known as the Troubles – a civil conflict that raged from around 1969 to 1998.
Belfast saw some of the worst of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, particularly in the 1970s, with rival paramilitary groups formed on both sides. Bombing, assassination and street violence formed a backdrop to life throughout the Troubles. The Provisional IRA detonated 22 bombs within the confines of Belfast city centre in 1972, on what is known as "Bloody Friday", killing eleven people. Loyalist paramilitaries including the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) claimed that the killings they carried out were in retaliation for the IRA campaign. Most of their victims were Catholics with no links to the Provisional IRA. A particularly notorious group, based on the Shankill Road in the mid-1970s, became known as the Shankill Butchers.
In all, over 1,600 people were killed in political violence in the city between 1969 and 2001.
Belfast expanded very rapidly from being a market town to becoming an industrial city during the course of the 19th century. Because of this, it is less an agglomeration of villages and towns which have expanded into each other, than other comparable cities, such as Manchester or Birmingham. The city expanded to the natural barrier of the hills that surround it, overwhelming other settlements. Consequently, the arterial roads along which this expansion took place (such as the Falls Road or the Newtownards Road) are more significant in defining the districts of the city than nucleated settlements. Belfast remains segregated by walls, commonly known as "peace lines", erected by the British Army after August 1969, and which still divide 14 districts in the inner city. In 2008 a process was proposed for the removal of the 'peace walls'. In June 2007, a £16 million programme was announced which will transform and redevelop streets and public spaces in the city centre. Major arterial roads (quality bus corridor) into the city include the Antrim Road, Shore Road, Holywood Road, Newtownards Road, Castlereagh Road, Cregagh Road, Ormeau Road, Malone Road, Lisburn Road, Falls Road, Springfield Road, Shankill Road, and Crumlin Road, Four Winds.
Since 2001, boosted by increasing numbers of tourists, the city council has developed a number of cultural quarters. The Cathedral Quarter takes its name from St Anne's Cathedral (Church of Ireland) and has taken on the mantle of the city's key cultural locality. It hosts a yearly visual and performing arts festival.
Custom House Square is one of the city's main outdoor venues for free concerts and street entertainment. The Gaeltacht Quarter is an area around the Falls Road in west Belfast which promotes and encourages the use of the Irish language. The Queen's Quarter in south Belfast is named after Queen's University. The area has a large student population and hosts the annual Belfast International Arts Festival each autumn. It is home to Botanic Gardens and the Ulster Museum, which was reopened in 2009 after major redevelopment. The Golden Mile is the name given to the mile between Belfast City Hall and Queen's University. Taking in Dublin Road, Great Victoria Street, Shaftesbury Square and Bradbury Place, it contains some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. Since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the nearby Lisburn Road has developed into the city's most exclusive shopping strip. Finally, the Titanic Quarter covers 0.75 km2 (0 sq mi) of reclaimed land adjacent to Belfast Harbour, formerly known as Queen's Island. Named after RMS Titanic, which was built here in 1912, work has begun which promises to transform some former shipyard land into "one of the largest waterfront developments in Europe". Plans include apartments, a riverside entertainment district, and a major Titanic-themed museum.
HOTEL: While in the Belfast area, we'll stay at the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa down the road a bit from Belfast. After a few days in Belfast and Newcastle and the surrounding areas, we'll head back to Dublin for a one-night stay at the Dublin airport.

To view a video with Rick Steves on Belfast, click here.  More on Belfast at Wikipedia, click here.  Information on Newcastle, click here.

The Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle, Northern Ireland

The Radisson Blu Hotel at Dublin Airport (we'll stay our final night here)


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In your package, the following will be included:

  • Hot Irish Buffet Breakfast each morning; included as part of Room & Breakfast plan at hotel (does not include room service)
  • Welcome Dinner on Day-of-Arrival and six (6) other group dinners throughout our stay.  Other dinners and lunches are on your own.  See itinerary for details.
  • Lunch is typically "on your own," as, in some cases, you'll grab a bite at the golf course, in other cases, we'll be in towns where attendees can "scatter" to various local restaurants, tapas bars, etc.

DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS?  ASGA understands that some individuals have special dietary needs.  It is not up to ASGA to seek you out, but you must contact ASGA and notify us VIA EMAIL if you have special needs at least three (3) days prior to the beginning of the overall event, i.e. June 27th, 2018 for this trip. This way, all venues can be notified ahead of time. Once you are at the food establishment, it is up to you to identify yourself to the wait staff or management that you are the person with the special request, or do so in coordination with Tom Alsop who will assist you.  If you do not follow this procedure, you are on your own in terms of getting the kinds of food you need. Thank you!


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Included in your registration package are day tours in each of these cities: Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast.  Included in the day tours are tickets to various venues.  Details on these excursion activities will be posted by the end of March once specific details are worked out.  The day tours will be done by professional touring companies located in the area.


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We anticipate shotgun starting each day.


Here is a list of courses we will play, with both links to their website and Wikipedia page:

DUBLIN AREA:  The Royal Dublin Golf Course Website      Wikipedia Page     Course Flyover

(Note: The Royal Dublin has a strick dress code. Men must wear long pants.  Click here for details.)

CORK AREA:  Fota Island Golf Club     Wikipedia Page     Optional Round at Old Head Golf Club (see green COST tab at left for additional cost of playing Old Head which includes round trip transportation to the course from the hotel)

GALWAY AREA:  Connemara Golf Links     Wikipedia Page on Connemara (the region)

BELFAST AREA:  Ardglass Golf Club     Interesting Article about Ardglass' Historical Buildlings / Golf Clubhouse

We "anticipate" shotgun starts at all courses.  We have indicated, based on the deposits paid, that we should have at least 72 players each round. Some courses make that the benchmark. If we don't have 72, we may be required to play tee times. Shotgun starts work best with large groups primarily because of the transportation situation. Shotgun start means we all start at one time and we all end, generally, at one time. 

Golf Play Format.   We'll play USGA Rules of Golf (play your own ball, not someone else's!) and even though the R&A has control over the official rules of golf in Europe, since we don't know those rules, we'll stick with the USGA Rules. So please "brush-up" on the USGA Rules of Golf.  In case we don't have the information to you the day of golf, men will play from the tees that are closest to 5500 total yards (or meters) and women will play from the forward tees.

Prizes.  Although we're not on this trip to win prizes or prize money and even though we want to play real golf by the real rules (USGA), we will not have team or prizes based on handicaps.   We will have proximity (closest-to-pin) competitions on many par 3s for both men and women.  The prizes will be given out at various times we gather as a group throughout our stay or may be given out at the final dinner we have. The prizes will be our $25.00 prize certificates good towards upcoming events, towards your dues or an ASGA logo'd golf shirt. These prizes are non-transferable.

Caddies, Buggies and Pull Carts.  Each course we play seems to have individual protocols in terms of hiring caddies, buggies and pull carts. Golfers in Ireland (and Scotland) typically walk the courses and don't have many golf carts.  We found no course that had capability of providing each of us our own golf cart, or what they call a motorized buggie.

Caddies - ASGA prefers that you work directly with the course in regard to reserving a caddie or fore-caddie (one caddie for your foursome). Unless you put together your own foursome, you cannot request a fore-caddie unless everyone else in your foursome wants to pay for a fore-caddie as well.

A couple of other things to consider regarding caddies: At a European event years ago, ASGA coordinated getting caddies for players who wanted them. On the day of play, only 75% of the caddies showed-up, leaving some members not the happiest.  So we no longer get involved in doing this for you.  At some point, we will post contact information on how reserve a caddie and you can make arrangements for yourself, in writing, via email.  

Regarding fore-caddies, the issue here is that you would need to have everyone in your foursome agree to paying their share of the fore-caddie cost.  In past years, one person paid it but did not get reimbursed by others.  The best scenario is to arrange a fore-caddie once you've met your playing partners at the event, and then call ahead to the course to arrange for the fore-caddie.  This way, everyone can pay their 25% share of the fore-caddie cost.

Golf Carts (a/k/a Motorized Buggies)Buggies, a/k/a golf carts are available at some courses but not others and some courses have limited buggies and are easy to walk.  Pull carts are at every course. If you require a motorized cart/buggie for physical or medical reasons, understand that each course has a limited supply of carts. You MUST obtain a letter from your doctor indicating your need for a cart and give same to ASGA so that this can be arranged. Attendees requesting a golf cart for medical/physical reasons will typically ride with others who have requested a "medical cart," due to the limited and varied number of carts available at any given course.

Golf Club Movement.  Included in your package is the transfer of your golf clubs from one city to another.  When necessary, we will typically be hiring a transportation truck for this purpose, or, the transportation company, who handles our motor coaches, may decide to use the motor coach to transfer clubs to the courses each day.

You will be asked to bring your golf clubs after your round to the transportation truck or motor coach where personnel will load your clubs. Please do not leave your clubs on your cart at the end of each round.  If you prefer, you have the right and the option of holding onto your clubs personally and taking them to and from each golf course. In the end, every member is responsible for the safe-keeping of their own equipment.  Make sure you do not leave valuables, memorabilia, etc. in your golf bag and make sure you understand where you clubs will be returned to if you are renting clubs.


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Golf Club Rentals

With the cost of taking your clubs to Europe and hte associated headaches, past trips have indicated that about one-third of our group prefer to rent clubs while in Europe. Typically, you should rent your clubs as soon as you determine you want to go on the trip and arrange for delivery and final pick-up. There is a limited quantity of golf club sets, as you'll see below. ASGA does not do this on your behalf, however, you should identify yourself as being with the ASGA group to secure a small discount.  They will deliver all clubs to the same location. Review each company's website to see their terms and conditions. Note that you will be paying for clubs in the local currency.
We have identified two companies that provide golf club rentals:
Clubs4Hire:  As of February 25, 2018, operations manager Richard Adams indicates his company has 12 Premium (Ping, TaylorMade, Callaway, MacGregor) sets of Ladies R/H and 14 Standard Sets (MD Golf, Spalding). In addition, they have 40 Gents R/H Premium and 60 Gents R/H Standard Sets available on our dates. They also have two Standard L/H Ladies and 10 Premium L/H Gents sets.  To rent clubs from Richard, go to or email for questions.  Their phone number is (international) +353-86-8122338
ClubsToHire:  As of February 18, 2018, has a very limited number of men's TaylorMade M4 sets. They have no ladies' sets.  Contact:  +353-86-8116635
We believe both companies will deliver golf clubs to the Croke Park Hotel on June 30th and pick them up at the Radisson Blu on July 10th. Please be sure to point this out when reserving a set of clubs.

Note that you are personally responsible for the safe keeping of any rental set of clubs, whether on the golf course, golf club storage and/or transportation of rental golf clubs. ASGA assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged golf clubs, bags or content in golf bags.

Also, note that if you plan on doing any additional golf before or after the ASGA itinerary, any additional rental may be outside of your contract. If you plan on visiting other countries, Iceland, etc., it's most likely that you'll have to rent from local golf courses instead of through one of the above companies.


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Tentative Itinerary

Most of us will depart from the USA on Friday, June 29, 2018 and arrive in Dublin, Ireland the following day.  Most flights from New York to Dublin last about six hours and thirty minutes (6:30). 

(Your Program & Pairings Guide will show your final itinerary, dates, times, etc.  It will be emailed to you about five (5) days before we leave from the U. S.   If you are traveling and do not have access to email, check this website for a copy.)

Once we land on the East Coast city of Dublin, Ireland, we begin our tour through a number of cities and countryside in a counter-clockwise fashion.  Click here to see the map for general illustration purposes.




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Who's Coming

By signing-up, you have given us permission to post your name here. If you do not wish your name posted, please email us indicating such or note somehow on your registration. This may not be a complete list. Some members have asked that their name not appear on this public list.

Registered as of 04/24/2018:

Jack Aernecke Albany
Maureen Ireland Albany
Noreen Matt Albany
Tony Milillo Albany
Mary Kate Mueller Albany
Kathie Alonso Asheville
Hank Parish Asheville
Mary Shanahan  Asheville
Tess Lord Boston
Jim Reynolds Boston
Tom Alsop Charlotte
Ed Horak Chicago
Janet Burnside Cleveland
Brad Davidson Denver
Paula DeCrescentis Denver
Diane Raber Denver
Larry Nelligan Jacksonville
Bobbi Rish Jacksonville
Julie Good LA-Orange County
Greg Holland LA-Orange County
Edel Kraft LA-Orange County
Joan Lamberti Myrtle Beach
Tom Connolly North Jersey
Melissa Steffy Philadelphia
Marian Strong Philadelphia
Linda  White Phoenix
Joanie Flanagan Sarasota
Ellen Nicholson Sarasota
Gary Slavin Sarasota
Stan Vickers Sarasota
Darlene Janulis SE Michigan
Marjorie Phipps SE Michigan
MaryAnn Perry Southwest, FL
Kerry Shaffer Southwest, FL
Dennis Carney The Villages
Connie May The Villages
Bob Shaw The Villages
Debby Anderson Tucson
Mary Ellen Case Tucson
D.J. Gillies-Walling Tucson
Bill Neal Tucson
Shea Tousi Massarat Tucson
Sharon Geyer Washington, DC
Ellie Hochman Washington, DC
Alicia McCarthy Washington, DC
Shirley Zaetz Washington, DC
Robert DeTorre White Oaks, PA

Getting to Ireland

There are a number of airlines that fly from the East Coast to Ireland, including:

Aer Lingus

Air Canada

Air France

American Airlines

British Air

Delta Airlines

KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines


United Airlines

On February 18 & 19, 2018, we pulled airline ticket rates off the internet. Click here to see those rates. Be sure to scroll down to the second page!

Tuesday Best Day to Buy a Ticket?

Check out this short video on what day of the week to purchase an airline ticket.  And definitely don't buy a ticket on Friday!  Go to this link.



Have you checked the expiration date of your passport?  You'll need a passport but make sure your passport does not expire within six (6) months after your trip date ends.


Take this S.T.E.P.

Many people like to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program with the U. S. State Department just to let them know that you are in another country.  To do so, go here.


Packing Light

Check out this website on how to save on packing luggage.


What are the Germiest Spots in the Airport?

This article from the AARP website will make you carry a 3-oz. bottle of germ killer with you at all times when traveling.


ASGA Transportation

On Arrival: You will be greeted at the Dublin airport by an ASGA representative showing you were to hop the shuttle bus to get over to the Croke Park hotel, about 25 minutes away from the airport.  

On Departure: On our final night, we'll be at the Radisson Blue at Dublin Airport hotel so you can quickly get to the airport on your departure day the next morning.  The shuttle bus runs on a regular basis to and fro the airport. Check with the hotel front desk or concierge about the exact schedule.  

Please understand that transportation between all venues is "group transportation." What this means is that you shouldn't expect a limousine at the airport's front door ready to pick you up as soon as you arrive. When you clear customs and get your luggage, you'll enter the "public" area of the airport where you'll see a bright green sign that reads "ASGA," and you'll be directed to where the shuttle bus will pick you up and bring you to the hotel.


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Trip Insurance *****

Trip insurance is NOT INCLUDED in this event, however, you may purchase trip insurance on your own.  This can cover you for a number of issues, including but not limited to your airfare, your registration fee and other expenses.  See policy for details.

If you want trip insurance, you'll need to purchase it within a few days AFTER YOU PAY for the trip.  (See red lettering below!)

***** If you want trip insurance, you'll need to purchase it within a few days AFTER YOU PAY for the trip.  This is NOT a suggestion, but a requirement of the insurance company. Also, if you paid a $2000 or $3000 deposit AND you want trip insurance, you will have to have your deposit refunded to you and then re-purchase the full trip on a separate transaction.  This is due to the insurance company's requirement that you make your trip insurance purchase within three (3) days AFTER you make the trip payment.



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Side trip to Iceland

4/30/18 - NOTE:  The "Iceland Side Trip" is not going to happen. After receiving quotes from various venues, it appears it will be too expensive and we did not reach a minimum number of persons interested to make it a reality.

Potential attendees to the Ireland trip have expressed interest in doing either a side trip to Iceland or a stopover.  Iceland Air offers stopovers for only a minute additional fee charged by the government (something like twenty bucks). From most major east coast cities, they fly about six hours to Iceland and continue your flight to Ireland a few days later. They do this so that you spend some money in Iceland instead of flying over it.

Upon researching the possibility, it's been determined that hotel room rates are very, very, very high during the limited warmer season. However, during winter months, rooms are high as well due to the number of people visiting Iceland in order to see the Northern Lights. We happen to want to visit Iceland towards the end of June or after our event wraps up, starting July 12.

29 potential attendees indicated their positive interest in visiting Iceland.  We immediately contacted hotels weeks ago to find that many are completely sold out.  But to give you an idea on rates, we found that Alda Hotel, a 10-minute walk to center city Reykjavik, has rates for one person in a single room at 295euros and a room with two beds for 455euros.  For the 455 price, four of their 2-bedrooms have sofa beds so that price can be split three ways. All prices include the VAT (value added tax) and that's supposedly the price we'd pay.  Alda, as of 2/28/18, has room for 21 people total.

BTW, check out this great video on Iceland: 

UPDATE 4/23/18

Recently, we have received proposals from three (3) travel companies (or DMC's . . . destination management companies). Please review their proposals shown below as PDFs. If you see a large number, it's in Kronas, so to convert to US money, divide by 100 to get a rough idea, i.e. 80,000 is $800, again, roughly.

Proposal from Essence of Iceland:     Proposal & Itinerary    Cost

Proposal from Boutique Iceland:       Proposal & Itinerary & Cost for 20 people     For 8 people

Proposal from Travel Agency:            Proposal and Cost Together in One Document

As you can see, prices are sensitive to the number of people attending.  Notice dates are set for the time frame AFTER our Ireland trip even though one proposal shows June instead of July!

Please indicate your choice of which company you would go with. Some include golf, some don't include airline. But you'll get a general idea that this side trip could cost you upwards of $2,000 depending on whether airline and golf is included for a 3-night/4-day stay.

Please review these proposals and submit your interest and feedback so please email Tom Alsop and let him know if you're "definately in" and which proposal you'd like to go with.


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Weather in Ireland - 10 Day Outlooks

Dublin Weather - Next 10 Days - Click Here

Cork Weather - Next 10 Days - Click Here

Galway Weather - Next 10 Days - Click Here

Belfast Weather - Next 10 Days - Click Here


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The "per day" cost on this trip is pretty close to the "per day" cost for our recent Spain trip in 2016 where 99 members attended, seven dinners and four rounds of golf. 

Airfare is not included to or from Ireland, nor any domestic portion of your travel.

We suggest you purchase trip insurance.  See link at left.  If you do purchase trip insurance, you must do it within three (3) days of when you register and pay for the event.

Cost Variables

  • You can room with the same person the entire trip or you can room by yourself (more expensive).  
  • You can opt for the non-golf package
  • You can save by paying for the entire event upfront
  • You can save by paying by check vs. credit card

As we've done with our last three European trips, you can pay for your trip over time in installment payments.  Details on the "Cost" link at left.  Just mail ASGA your checks dated one month apart.  Mail to:  ASGA, 1122 Industrial Dr., Suite 107, Matthews, NC 28105.  If you register later in 2018 and want to pay in installments, all payments must be made in fully by June 1, 2018.

NOTE: We are required to pay some hotels very large deposits. ASGA receives at all hotels certain "upgraded rooms," i.e. rooms with better views or more space than a standard, ROH (run of house) room. If you pay your full registration by March 7, we will include you with those who can have upgraded rooms, subject to availability.  The number of upgraded rooms per hotel will vary from city to city. Pre-payment helps our cash flow considerably!

Some members paid a $150 "early bird" deposit by January 15, 2018 giving them a $250 trip credit (see the Who's Coming green tab for a list of those members).  When you register, you'll have an opportunity to deduct what's already been paid from your final payment.  We will confirm your numbers when your registration has been received.

If for ANY reason you want to back-out of this event and you paid a $150.00 deposit, per the promotion, you will receive two year's ASGA membership dues plus an ASGA-logo'd golf shirt and not a cash refund, a present value of $158.00. Please notify our office manager, Irene Matthews, if you wish to convert your deposit towards your membership dues by clicking here.

Click here to go to the EVENT COST CHART.


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Terms and Conditions

For our Terms and Conditions, Indemnification, etc., click here.

To see our complete cancellation policy, click here.

Event Cancellation.  There can be no cancellation of this event nor any portion thereof after May 1, 2018.  If you find you cannot attend after that date, please email ASGA so that we will not be looking for you.  If you need to drop-out, you can sell your registration to another member on your own. Please do not ask ASGA to sell it for you.

If you think something might come-up, you may want to purchase trip insurance. See the link to the left.

All registrations for non-domestic events are subject to the following conditions:

1. Credit Card or Debit Card Payments to ASGA.  Any Credit or Debit Card Payment, before, during or after the event, will carry a 3% surcharge.
2. Exchange Rate.  This event pricing is based on an exchange rate of $1.23 per Euro and $1.40 per GBP (British Pound).  Due to the volatile nature of the exchange rate, any fluctuation exceeding +/-1% of this rate on the date of payments using the rates shown on on June 1, 2018 will result in a corresponding adjustment in price (up or down). Participants in this event need to understand that we cannot make daily changes to the event pricing as the exchange rate fluctuates, therefore, any adjustment made will be made on June 1, 2018. You may either receive a refund if the rate works in your favor, or a bill if the rate works against you. (FYI - For the 2016 trip to Spain with 99 participants, the average additional attendees had to pay ASGA was about $17.00 per person due to a slight increase in the Euro during that time.)
3. Itinerary Changes.  ASGA reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary as needed as long as the attendee receives the other item(s) with the same value.  In other words, if a golf course needs to be changed because we don't have the requisite number of players or if we have too many players, then a comparable course (dollar-wise) will be substituted.  If the alteration is major, such as deleting the number of days in the trip, you will have the option of accepting the alternative arrangements or receiving a full refund.  No refunds on golf if there is rain UNLESS the course is closed and the course provides a refund to us.
4. Airline Reimbursements.  ASGA shall never be responsible for reimbursing you for your airline and/or travel expenses in getting to or from this event.
5. Emergency Contacts.  ASGA asks that you provide to ASGA an emergency contact number in the instance you are personally injured, can't be found, or any other emergency situation at the time of registration.  By signing-up for this event, you release ASGA of any liability for any loss, damage or injury while partaking in this event, unless ASGA is negligent in any manner.
In case of emergency, we will at our discretion offer advice, guidance and assistance.  By signing-up for this event, you permit ASGA to contact emergency contacts given to us in your regard.
6. Force Majeure.  ASGA accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of loss or damage or changes caused by force majeure events such as strikes, riots, political unrest, war hostilities, or threat of war, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, fire, flood, weather problems or similar events beyond its control.
7. Website Description.  Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of descriptions and information. However, we are not always able to control all components of the arrangements and it is possible that an advertised facility may be withdrawn or changed, due to weather conditions, lack of demand or for maintenance, renovations etc. We will advise you if we become aware of a major change.
8. If You Have a non-ASGA-related Complaint.  Should you have any complaint not related to ASGA, you are urged to discuss it at the time with the airline, hotel, course or car rental company. If your complaint is not resolved or if you believe ASGA can assist you, please notify ASGA as soon as possible and we do our best to assist you with your concern if it is without our ability.
9. Group Travel.  This event is considered group travel, meaning you enjoy the event as part of the overall group.  Groups travel together, typically in motor coaches, rail, or otherwise. If you miss your group transportation on a given day, the group shall continue on its schedule without regard for your situation and it is up to you to find your way to meet-up with the group ahead of you. Motor coaches depart our various locations at stated times so make sure you're on the coach. We will wait no longer than ten (10) minutes for you on any motor coach departure. As the saying goes, "if you're on time, you're late!"
Please note that the group leader has reserved the front right two (2) seats on all motor coaches we utilize each day.
ASGA is not responsible if you miss any group transportation, group events, golf, dinners, etc. and there shall be no price adjustment unless the fault lies with ASGA.
10. Food.  ASGA understands that some individuals have special dietary needs.  It is not up to ASGA to seek you out, but you must contact ASGA and notify us if you have special needs at least three (3) days prior to the event in which food is served.  For more details, see the green tab on the left side of this page under MEALS.
11. Golf Cancellation Due to Weather.  If the golf course closes due to weather, we believe the course will refund our golf costs. If the course is open and there is rain, there is no refund on golf fees. Please be prepared to have rain gear, umbrella, etc. in your bag.


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Miscellaneous Links & Info

They always say "don't look like a tourist in a foreign country, blend-in with the people around you!"

Emergency Number While in Ireland:

According to, SMS messages can be sent to 112 after registration by sending a text message with the word 'Register' to 112.  We have not tried this so once in Ireland, please confirm this information.

Transportation - In your package, transportation to and from our various venues is included.  But occasionally, you may want to wander out on your own or with friends.  You are on your own so please use caution.  People in Ireland drive on the left side of the road and each year Americans get into accidents thinking "the opposite." Each city has its own uniqueness. Be very aware and extra cautious!

When is Ireland Open for Business? - Here's a good article to read to see when banks and other businesses are open.

Do you have an interesting link about Ireland that you think would be beneficial for our attendees?  Please forward it to Tom Alsop by emailing the link to him here.


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Contact ASGA

If you have questions of a general nature, please email Tom Alsop, the event host.

If you have questions regarding your room, roommate, payment, etc., please email Irene Matthews. You can also call or text the office at 980-833-6450, 9am to 2pm, M-F, Eastern time.


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