In 2012, 67 ASGA members visited the Republic of Ireland (southern part of Ireland that uses the Euro).  We know from speaking with many members over the past couple of months that there is great enthusiasm about ASGA members taking a trip and playing golf in Ireland in 2018. Ireland is divided between Northern Ireland (uses the British Pound) and the Republic of Ireland (uses the Euro). There are no "border crossings between the two countries as cars can freely enter each country without a custom's stop.
Our focus in 2018 will be the upper portion of Ireland with concentration in Northern Ireland.
     Planning this event is a work in progress. Our national president, Tom Alsop, has hosted four international trips to Europe since 2010, most recently in 2016 with 99 members visiting Spain for 12 days.
     Near the end of January, Tom will have worked out pricing, hotels, courses and side-trips, but until then, please expect the best!
Top Expectations!
     If anyone knows the kinds of events we've held in the past, we strive to get you the best bang for the buck, e.g. 4- or 5-star hotels, top notch golf courses (including bucket list courses), great restaurant venues featuring authentic, local foods, and Class A transportation.  ASGA attendees get much better pricing because we bring large numbers.  Room with someone and save!  Don't know anyone?  ASGA works to pair you with a same-gendered roommate at your request in order to cut your overall costs. Of course, you'll be welcome to sign-up with your own roommate if so desired.
In the Meantime . . . and this is pretty important . . .
     When speaking with courses and hotels, the first question they ask is "how many members are you anticipating coming on this trip?"  There's never anyway to know this far out.  So in order to answer that big question with some degree of accuracy, we're again going to ask you to place a small deposit in the amount of $150.00.  Yes, it is a serious "enough" deposit and it tells us you're truly interested.  We already have over 60 members who have placed deposits. Placing a deposit now allows us to give pretty firm numbers to our venues.  We don't want to run out of rooms nor do we want to put too many rooms under contract.  And if for any reason you decide you won't or cannot go, the price doesn't fit your budget, or for whatever reason, we will refund your $150 in the form of two years' membership in ASGA, a value presently at $158.00.  In the past, less than 5% of the members who did this for other events backed out, so you can see how this deposit helps us plan better.
     So to place your $150.00 deposit towards the Ireland trip in the Summer of 2018, log into your membership account below and provide the information necessary.  We'll put you on the list of "Who's Coming" on the website ( to show others your intention.  (Note: Submitting a deposit permits us to post your name and chapter under the "Who's Coming" page.  If  you don't want your name posted, please indicate such by emailing us at this address.

When Are We Going?
     We say "Summer, 2018," but our actual date is at the top of the page (previously stated as "targeted date is July 21-31, 2018" which is no longer valid.  However, we ask that you do not make any permanent travel plans, airline reservations, etc. until we officially announce the event.  And that's only done after we have signed contracts with hotels, courses, etc. and have it all locked down.  One thing to mention at this point is that flights to Dublin appear to be significantly less expensive than flights to Belfast.  The distance between the two cities is 88 miles as the crow flies so we may consider our first two nights in Dublin before heading northward to Belfast. Again, just a thought of a detail to be worked out.
Membership Required
     Membership in the American Singles Golf Association is required.  You must be an ASGA member at the time of the event in order to attend.  To see when your dues expire go here.
How About a Stop-Over in Reykjavik, Iceland?
     Iceland has become a great stop-over location for folks traveling to Europe. IcelandAir only charges a $20 additional fee for landing in Reykjavik and staying a few days then continuing to Belfast (or Dublin) on the same ticket. And contrary to popular belief, Iceland has summertime highs in July of 59 degrees F.  We're "looking" at spending 2-3 days in Iceland before continuing to Belfast, so in the meantime, check out these references to Iceland:  Wikipedia, and this great video in a 12-hole course we could actually play in daylight at midnight:  Awesome Course in Iceland
     In mid-January, 2018, we surveyed the 50-some-odd members who had placed a deposit asking if they would be interested in a stop-over in Iceland. 29 members responded to the survey.  Of the 29, 24 indicated very positively that the stop-over would work with them, 4 indicated otherwise and one person was sitting on the fence.  We understand some folks may not want to do that so we'll try to come up with an itinerary where the Iceland group comes in a few days early and joins the others later.

The Packages - Room by yourself or Save $$ with a Roommate

     We package all of the items of this trip either as a "room by yourself" package or "you'll have a roommate" package. You will be able to use a credit card, pay in installments or pay upfront. As we did with the Spain trip, we also provided an incentive (room upgrade) for those who paid fully upfront at the time the event was announced. This was important as we needed to place tens of thousands of dollars in upfront deposits to hotels and courses.

     Airfare will NOT BE INCLUDED in any package.  We'll all most likely want to fly into Belfast or Dublin. We don't know where you'll be flying in from so we can't handle or coordinate airfares or air travel.  If you find a really cheap ticket this evening searching websites, please don't put pressure on ASGA to "hurry-up and settle-in on a day."  Things don't work that way.  We cannot announce firm dates until all major pieces are in place.  Sometimes we're waiting for a hotel sales manager to come back in town or the golf pro to get back in touch.

     We have an EVENT FORUM link on this page (green tab at left).  This allows YOU to connect with others planning on going on this trip.  So, for example, say you're searching for good airline rates and you find a bargain.  You can then post that information on the EVENT FORUM page for others to see.


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Emails / Updates

It is our policy to email updates to attendees during and after the registration period.  If you do not have email or access to email, we rely on you to stay updated on the event by checking-in with this website from time to time.  All emails that update, modify or alter any detail of this event will have links to this page for your later review.  ASGA is not responsible if you do not read or receive emails once you're registered. Continue to check back to this site for updates.

To make sure you get all the emails, use this form to add your email.  Note:  Even though you submit your email to us, they may not always be welcomed by your inbox. This is especially true with emails ending in or  In order to have the best chance for our emails to get into your email account, please add these FIVE email addresses to your address book in your email account:


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We're looking at a number of hotels, including . . .

The Merchant Hotel in Belfast

The Westbury Hotel in Dublin

The Grand Central Hotel in Belfast

Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast

Europa Hotel in Belfast

The Atlantic Hotel in Clifden

Slieve Donard Resort and Spa in the Mountains of Mourne

Roe Park Resort

     . . . again, just looking so nothing is solid until we sign contracts!


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Just like the hotels, we're looking at a number of courses we could play.  In Spain, we played 4-5 rounds during our 11-day stay.  Here are a few we'll be checking out:

Ardglass Golf Club

Castlerock Golf Club

Portstewart Golf Club

Royal County Down Golf Club

Royal Portrush Golf Club

County Sligo Golf Club

Rosapenna Golf Links


Golf Play Format.  Don't expect to travel 5,000+ miles and play someone else's golf ball.  We'll play our own ball according to USGA Rules of Golf.  Courses in Ireland typically don't have a full fleet of golf carts.  You would have to have a medical letter indicating you need a cart, i.e. motorized buggie, and even asking for one is contingent upon its availability by the course.

GETTING TO THE COURSES:  Group transportation will be provided to everyone throughout the visit to Ireland.

Prizes and Scoring.  Not all courses we play will have team competitions but we will have proximity winners on many par 3s.  When we do compete in team competitions, we'll have first and second place team prizes. So when submitting your registration, please make sure you provide an accurate handicap index or average golf score. Team prizes will be based on the two (2) best net balls out of the foursome. Winners will be announced at the final night's awards dinner. ASGA $25 Prize Certificates will be awarded to the winners. Certificates must be used by the date of expiry on the certificate.  We cannot replace lost certificates under any circumstance.

Golf Club Rentals.  We have already communicated with a golf club rental company in Ireland that rents top level equipment for men and women.  Check out by clicking here.



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In all packages, the following will be included:
  • Breakfast each morning at the hotel
  • A welcoming reception and dinner on arrival day
  • Some evenings will have dinners included in the package.  If certain venues work, we may "scatter" for dinner in a certain town.

Our goal, however, is to do as many meals and excursions together as a group as possible.

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Itinerary (your Program & Pairings Guide will show your final itinerary, dates, times, etc.)

Once Tom does meets with hotel and golf course managers, a full itinerary will be given to you.  Expect this in early January.


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Who's Placed a Deposit So Far . . .

This page will list all members who have placed a $150 deposit for this event. By placing your deposit or signing-up in full, you have given us permission to post your name here. If you do not wish your name posted, please email indicating such.

Note:  This might not be a complete list.  Some members may have asked that their name not appear on this public list.

Deposits have been placed by:

1.  Tom Alsop - Charlotte
2.  Kimberly Foreman - The Villages
3.  Tish Gordon - Southeast Michigan
4.  Dennis Carney - The Villages
5.  Bob Edmunds - Denver
6.  Diane McGarrigle - Philadelphia
7.  Rich Switzer - Philadelphia
8.  Antonio Milillo - Albany
9.  Brad Davidson - Denver
10.  Larry Nelligan - Jacksonville
11.  Julie Good - LA-Orange County
12.  Edel Kraft - LA-Orange County
13.  Greg Holland - LA-Orange County
14.  Darlene Janulis - Southeast Michigan
15.  Janet Burnside - Cleveland
16.  Joanne Kendall - Philadelphia
17.  Hank Parish - Asheville
18.  Terry Smith - Denver
19.  MaryAnne Perry - Southwest Florida
20.  Maria Ascanio - Philadelphia
21.  Maureen Ireland - Albany
22.  Connie May - The Villages
23.  Diane Raber - Denver
24.  Vincent Cloud - Palm Beach County
25.  Brenda Fallace - Philadelphia
26.  Kerry Shaffer - Southwest Florida
27.  Paula DeCrescentis - Denver
28.  Nancy Haven - Boston
29.  Nadine Lange - Denver
30.  Holly Warner - Washington, DC
31.  Pamela Carter - Washington, DC
32.  Shannon Bonk - Washington, DC
33.  William Moyer - Philadelphia, PA
34.  Kevin McCrum - Southwest Florida
35.  Sandra Smith - Denver
36.  Kathy Alonzo - Asheville
37.  Stan Vickers - Sarasota
38.  Bill Neal - Tucson
39.  Ellen Nicholson - Sarasota
40.  Marian Strong - Philadelphia
41.  Mary Shanahan - Asheville
42.  Kathie Hiatt - Washington, DC
43.  Jerry Godkin - Houston.   
44.  Anne Foster - Palm Springs
45.  Alicia McCarthy - Washington, DC
46.  Susan Kraus - SE Michigan
47.  Sally Thompson-Bell - Philadelphia
48.  Tom Connolly - North Jersey
49.  Tom Haley - Cincinnati
50.  Shirley Zaetz - Washington, DC
51.  Shirley Thaler - The Villages
52.  GG (name requested to be withheld)
53.  John Donnelly - Washington, DC
54.  Mary Ellen Case - Tucson, AZ
55.  Sharon Macut - Lago Vista, TX
56.  Debbie Anderson - Tucson, AZ
57.  Kelly Taylor- Raleigh, NC
58.  Melinda Snow - Williamsburg, VA
59.  Gary Getz - Charlotte, NC
60.  Shekoufeh Masarat - Tucson, AZ
61.  Greg Mieczynski - Chicago
62.  Ellie Hochman - Washington, DC
63.  Jim Reynolds - Boston
64.  Holly Henderson - Hartford, CT
65.  Kathy Jirus - Cleveland, OH
66.  Kitsy Williams - Phoenix
67.  Bob DeTorre - White Oak, PA
68.  Joan Lamberti - Myrlte Beach, SC 
69.  MH - (name requested to be withheld)
70.  Linka Rayburn - Bee Cave, TX
71.  Mary Fleming - Boston
72.  Pamela Prest - Chicago, IL
73.  Donna Ewen - Delray Beach, FL
74.  Ed Chenault - The Villages, FL
75.  Meg Church - The Villages, FL
76.  Ann Peck - Phoenix
77.  Linda White - Phoenix
78.  Elizabeth Perry - Southwest Florida
79.  Bobbie Rish - Jacksonville
80.  Ed Horak - Chicago
81.  Robert Shaw - Sarasota
82.  Melissa Steffy - Philadelphia
83.  Janet Wicka - North Jersey
84.  Dave Gray - Philadelphia
85.  Noreen Matt - Albany

Getting to Ireland

If you're flying, you'll fly into Belfast Airport.  Here is the airport's website.

Getting Around

We will be under contract with a major motor coach company for our transportation needs.  This will be part of the research done on the site visit while in Ireland.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is NOT INCLUDED in this event, however, you may purchase trip insurance on your own.  

It's worth it just to click on the banner below to get a quote instantly.  You won't have to speak with anyone, the computer calculates this for you. 

This can cover you for a number of issues, including but not limited to your airfare, your registration fee and other expenses.  Click the photo below for details:


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Local Weather

We have a 100% chance of weather but a 110% chance of having a good time.  To get the latest 10-day outlook, click here.


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Terms and Conditions

For our Terms and Conditions, Indemnification, etc., click here.

To see our complete cancellation policy, click here.

Cancellation.  There can be no cancellation of this event nor any portion thereof after June 1, 2018.  If you find you cannot attend after that date, please notify ASGA at so that we will not be looking for you.  If you need to drop-out, you can sell your registration to another member on your own. There is a $25 transfer fee.  Please do not ask ASGA to sell your position.

If you think something might come-up, you may want to purchase trip insurance. See the link on this website.


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Miscellaneous Links

Trip Advisor has a great page of "Things to do in Northern Ireland," like take the Game of Thrones tour (it was filmed near Belfast).

Click here for things to do / look at.


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Contact ASGA

If you have questions of a general nature, please contact the event host, Tom Alsop by email or for quick questions, text him at seven zero four 577-9481.

If you have questions regarding your room, roommate, payment, etc., please contact Irene Matthews at You can also contact the office at 980-833-6450, 9am to 2pm, M-F, Eastern time.


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Register for Event

In order to attend, you need to register for this event. You'll need to make sure that you are a member at the time of the event in July.  To see when your dues expire, go here.  To renew your dues, or if you're not a member, annual dues are $79.  Go to to become a member and enjoy this trip with savings you would not get without an ASGA membership.

PDF Registration Form:  You can sign-up for this event online or use the PDF Registration form if you're mailing a check or faxing-in your registration form.   

Click here for the PDF Registration Form (this form will be available in late January or early February, 2018)

ONLINE Registration:  

You'll need your member number and password first. If you don't have it, request it by sending an email to our office manager:

To register online, just click this link:  ONLINE REGISTRATION CLICK HERE (online registration will be available in late January or early February, 2018)


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