Latest News and Updates as of September 31, 2017
Pat French, President

September was absolutely beautiful here in LA/OC, with 70 degree weather everyday as well as a beautiful breeze thanks to those offshore hurricanes on our West Coast. Keeping with our twice a month golf schedule we played Tijeras Creek in mid-September followed by Mile Square Players Course at the end of the month.

We had 12 players at Tijeras Creek on Saturday, September 16, including two potential new members to the group, Nick and Jason. While at the upper end of what we normally pay, at $90 Tijeras Creek still tends to be a favorite of many of our members. We all met in the clubhouse after golf for an early dinner and drinks. Next time we play at Tijeras Creek we are going to try the Irish Pub down the road, Dublin. Several members have been there and said their food is fabulous.

Next, at the end of the month, we played Mile Square, this time the Players Course, for the great rate of $52 to walk. We had 12 golfers on a beautiful 73 degree day, followed by another party back at my house. As always, we had tons of great food and drinks to keep everyone entertained. Thanks to all who helped pull off another fun party.

Coming up, and to finish out the year, we are set up to play Talega Golf Club on Sunday, October 8, followed by Industry Hills on Saturday, October 28. Our November events are Arroyo Trabuco on Saturday, November 4, followed by Oak Creek on Sunday, November 12. Rozanne has offered to host us in Brea at her clubhouse for a Holiday event in mid-December. We are open to golf ideas for December and any other Holiday ideas the group has. Our website calendar has all the details for events planned so far;

My thanks to all who help with the group by booking events, dinners, or any other ideas for the organization