2nd Email to ASGA in Canada Attendees
Sent July 12, 2017

On Jul 12, 2017, at 7:14 PM, Tom Alsop wrote:
Hi Folks -
A few things:
1)  PAIRING BOO-BOO:  I looked in the mirror this morning and discovered I'm human!  "Minor" mistake on the pairings; essentially I included the "Tremblant Only" golfers in with the other golfers coming in from Montreal.  So I've revised the pairings (see attached).  Originallly, 9am was the deadline for changes, we're now extending it to 1:00pm. 
2)  PASSPORT:  Photocopy or take a picture of the 2 inside pages of your passport showing your mug shot and your signature page - - then email it to yourself.  Do this simply in case you lose your passport when outside the country.  Also, be sure to update your current address on PAGE 4 of your passport.
3) MOTOR COACH:  Here is a list of folks signed-up for the motor coach to Tremblant.  If you name is NOT on this list, you need to CALL IRENE at 980-833-6450 by Friday noon with your credit card ready.  Cost is $61.80 ($60 + 3%).  Leave a message if you get voicemail.  She's been real busy lately!
Alsop,  Tom
Barnett,  Nancy
Basheda,  Greg
Bennis,  Jerry
Bertozzi,  Joanne 
Bridges,  Ken
Carter,  Pamela
Compton,  Lawrence
Connolly,  Tom
Davidson,  Brad
Davis,  Kathy
Devine,  Martha
Edmonds,  Robert
Ewen,  Donna
Foreman,  Kimberly
Gooder,  Suzanne
Gorman,  Charles  
Griffith,  Melanie
Hammond,  Marlene
Henderson,  Virgie
Kraft,  Edel
Lathrop,  Paul
MacDonald,  Ellen
McDowell,  Barbara
McGarrigle,  Diane
Mullins,  Anita Jo
Neumann,  Arlene
O'Brien,  Gail
Paduano,  Tony
Pausic,  Cindy
Peck,  Ann
Pond,  Betsy
Rayburn,  Linka 
Roberts,  Gloria
Rosmarin,  Debra
Slavin,  Gary
Snider,  Alan
Spencer,  Karen
Trock,  Rick
Tygrett,  Kris
Warner,  Holly
White,  Linda 
Wilson,  Roger
Zubieta,  Brenda
THREE SURVEY QUESTIONS - SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:  1) Arrival Dinner, 2) Need a Ride/Give a Ride & 3) Montreal Tour Bus . . . . . MORE INFO BELOW . . .  DON'T HANG-UP!!
4) DINNER SUNDAY NIGHT:  We are scheduled for a group dinner at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Montreal at 7:30pm.  You have already paid for this.  I realize many will arrive much earlier in the day, others late evening.  If you get to the hotel after our dinner, you can have dinner on your own up until 11pm at Le Darlington restaurant and again, it's already paid via your registration.  You'll have the same menu with four entrée selection everyone else had at 7:30, prepared for you at the time you order.  If you arrive after 11pm and you're hungry, the hotel front desk will show you some menus from local restaurants that deliver.  However, you'd have to pay this on your own.
So the hotel would like to know how many will be seated for dinner at 7:30pm.  Go to the SURVEY link below to answer this question.  BUT WAIT . . . THERE'S MORE . . .
5) Food allergies?  We only have one person who indicated a food allergy.  If you want gluten free, extra gluten, no beef, etc., let us know and we will notify any restaurant where we do a group-style (limited menu) dinner.
6) MONTREAL TOURING - For those doing the 5-day package, included in your overall registration is a motor coach tour of Montreal.  It would leave the hotel at 9am on Monday and take about 3-3.5 hours.  It will drop us off in Old Montreal, about 3-4 blocks from the hotel around lunchtime, where we'll scatter and do lunch on our own.  IF YOU ARE ON THE 5-DAY PACKAGE AND FOR SOME REASON DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THIS TOUR, go to the survey link below.  You've already paid for it but I need to know IF YOU ARE NOT interested in this to get an approximate count.  (Some people may want to do other things instead of taking the city tour).
7) NEED A RIDE TO GOLF COURSES?  We'd like to know WHO can give rides to golf courses for some of our attendees.  See survey below if you need a ride or if you can give a ride.
GO TO THE SURVEY NOW!!!  GO TO www.SinglesGolf.com/MyAccount and log-in and the click on CANADA 2017 then the headline that says:  July 16 Dinner Status and Transportation.  Ignore any other requests on that site such as passport info, airline info.  
Kind regards, 
Tom Alsop
President / Founder
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