Imagine Ireland!  The land of plenty . . . historic beyond belief . . . an island - - sitting there waiting for you.

In 2010, 201 members of the American Singles Golf Association ventured to Scotland for eight days in St. Andrews and Edinburgh.  We played four rounds of golf during our trip and finished-off with two days of touring in Edinburgh.   

By early 2012, nearly 300 members have "signed-up as interested" and after the first announcement, and 75 have put down a deposit without knowing the dates nor the venue.  This website will now describe in as much detail as possible as of April 5, 2012.

This is the new homepage for the Ireland 2012 trip.  All links will go from here.  Any updates to this webpage after 5pm on Friday, April 6, 2012 will be printed in green.

As of 9am on 04/23/12, 55 members have paid in full or arranged installments to attend this event.

When referring this page to others, simply tell them to go to:

General Details of Trip:  You would depart the US on July 20, 2012, arriving in Dublin, July 21.  You'll spend three days in Dublin, then three days in Killarney followed by three days in Limerick.  You'll fly back to the U. S. from Shannon Airport near Limerick so make certain you book "fly into Dublin, fly out of Shannon."

9 Nights, 10 Days

Our stay is planned for 9 nights and 10 days.  We'll do what most travel experts suggest, as mentioned above:  fly into the east side of Ireland (Dublin) and depart to the U. S. from the west side of Ireland (Shannon Airport).  This keeps us from back-tracking.  You'll want to remember this when making your airline reservations.

Obviously, members going on our package would have the opportunity to come early or stay longer on their own. 

Note:  Unless you tell us otherwise, anyone signing-up for this trip will have their name and chapter posted at  We do this so you can see who else from your area or chapter will be attending.  If you don't want anyone to know you are attending, please let us know in writing and we will keep your name off the list.  Only your name and chapter name will be published.

Here are the details of the trip:


Leave the USA on July 20th, 2012 and arrive in Dublin on July 21. After staying 9 nights and 10 days, you'll depart Ireland from the west side of the island on July 30th.


Three (3) nights at the Westbury Hotel in the upscale Grafton Street area of Dublin, then travel to Killarney on Day 4 and spend 3 nights at The Malton with overflow to the Ross Hotel, then travel to our final city of Limerick for your final 3 nights staying at the beautiful Clarion Steamboat Quay

Why did we choose these particular hotels?  The Westbury is in the heart of everything.  Grafton Street is a busseling area with shops and lots of people.  The Malton is historic Ireland at its best. You cross the street from the Malton and you're in the "happening" area of Killarney.  If we over-flow The Malton, we go to The Ross.  In Limerick, we chose the Clarion at Steamboat Quay.  Views are very scenic, it's the tallest hotel in ireland, and they can house everyone in one building, which is important because this will be where we depart to the airport.  And with early morning departures, it's nice to have everyone in one location.


Four (4) rounds are included in the event during your 9-night, 10-day stay. Some of these courses are VERY famous so be sure to check-out their links:

*** When this website was created, these two dates were inverted.

FYI: Golf at Old Head will take about two hours to get to from Killarney and two hours to return. You'll leave early in the morning and get back around dinner time. If you elect not to play this course and play the shotgun at Killarney Fish & Golf, you'll save $195.00 and a lot of time on a motor coach.

Optional Golf at Ballybunion:  Add $252 to play the optional round at (Old Course) Ballybunion, ranked 17th in the world by  Includes transportation to course which is about an hour away from Limerick.

Golf Policy at PortmarnockClick here.  (This link created on 07/05/12)

Golf Club Rentals - One of our members notified us of a company that rents golf clubs in Ireland.  They deliver the clubs to your first round and pick them up at your last round.  Their website is  The owner of Clubs4Hire has added a 10% discount for ASGA members.  On step 2 of the ordering page there is a discount box.  Type in "ASGA" (no quotation marks) in the box you will be entitled to a 10% discount. (This paragraph added 12:15pm on 4/16/12.)

If you choose to rent clubs by pre-paying ASGA, you will be renting clubs from each individual golf course we'll be playing.  The advantage here is that you don't have to move your clubs from one course to the other as you would if you a) brought your own clubs or b) if you used Clubs4Hire (above).  The cost of rental clubs by pre-paying ASGA is $60.00 per round and is an option when you go to online registration.  (This paragraph added at 9:05am on 4/23/12.)

Medical Issue?  Do You Need a Motorized Golf Cart?  Golf courses in Ireland have very few motorized "buggies."  Some courses may just have 3-5 carts.  Attendees to this event can request a motorized cart ONLY if you have a written notification from your doctor.  Please fax such notification to 980-225-0231 AND notify Tom at so we can arrange this for you.  Please do not contact the courses directly.  The sooner you get this notification to us, the sooner we can reserve the cart for you. (This paragraph added on 5/3/12.)



Tentative Agenda

Here is the tentative agenda for the event.  All the big items (hotels & courses) are locked into place, however, certain excursion activities are still being worked on.  ASGA reserves the right to make changes to this agenda as long as we offer you substitute venues, items, etc. at same prices.  This is not likely to happen, however, we need to protect ourselves in case we over- or under-estimated the quantity of members attending.

Day/Date Tentative Agenda
Saturday Night 1 @ Westbury Hotel - Dublin
7/21/2012 Arrive in Dublin
  Group transport to Westbury Hotel from Airport
  Hop-On/Hop-Off City Tour
  Welcoming Party & Dinner - Westbury Hotel
Sunday Night 2 @Westbury Hotel - Dublin
7/22/2012 Breakfast at the Westbury Hotel
  Group Transport to K-Club
Play Golf - European Open Course
Or Play At Optional Golf - Palmer Ryder Cup Course
  Cookout / Dinner at course
  Coach Transport to Hotel
Monday Night 3 @Westbury Hotel - Dublin
7/23/2012 Breakfast
  Coach Transport to Portmarnock GC
  Golf at Portmarnock Golf Course
  Coach Transport back to Hotel
  Coach Transport to Guinness Factory
  Guinness Tour - Gravity Room
  Dinner at Guinness
  Coach Transport to Hotel
Tuesday Night 4 @ Malton/Ross Hotels - Killarney
7/24/2012 Breakfast
  Check Out of Westbury Hotel
  Coach Transfer to Killarney - Lunch in Cashel
  Arrive in Killarney - Explore Killarney
  Cookout / Group Dinner at Hotel
Wednesday Night 5 @ Malton/Ross Hotels - Killarney
7/25/2012 Breakfast
  Group Transportation to Killarney Golf & Fish Club
Play Shotgun Golf at Killarney Golf & Fish Club
  Dinner at Killarney Golf afterwards
  Coach Transport to Hotel
Or Group Transportation to Old Head GC
  Golf at Old Head GC
  Group Transportation back to Hotel or Killarney GC
  Group Transporation back to Hotel
  Evening on your own in Killarney
Thursday Night 6 @ Malton/Ross Hotels - Killarney
7/26/2012 Breakfast
  Ring of Kerry / Excursion & Activities Day
  Leisure - Evening
Friday Night 7 @ Clarion/Steamboat Quay-Limerick
7/27/2012 Breakfast
  Depart Killarney - Head to Limerick - Check in
  Excursion Acitivites - Limerick
Or Optional Coach Transportation to Ballybunion
  Optional Golf at Ballybunion - 64 max people
  Optional Coach Transportation to Hotel
  Evening: On Your Own in Limerick
Saturday Night 8 @ Clarion/Steamboat Quay-Limerick
7/28/2012 Breakfast
  Transportation to Golf Course
  Golf at Dromoland (Adare deleted due to not needing it on 5/3/12)
  Dinner - Limerick
  Evening in Limerick at leisure
Sunday Night 9 @ Clarion/Steamboat Quay-Limerick
7/29/2012 Breakfast
  Limerick Excursion Activities
  Farewell Dinner Party / Entertainment
Monday Night 10 @ Clarion/Steamboat Quay-Limerick 
7/30/2012 Breakfast
  Hotel Check-out
  Departure to Shannon Airport

You must be a member of ASGA to sign-up and attend this event. To join or renew your dues, go here.  If you join now, it may be a day later before you can sign-up because we have to be able to send you your new membership number, necessary for signing-up.

04/08/12 - 11:45am - Note:  There is a $2600 rental fee for the Arrol Suite at the Guinness.  This fee has been incorporated into the price of the dinner based on 75 people attending.  If attendance at this event falls below 60, we will have dinner at a different location.

06/04/12 - 12:55am - We have met our minimum of 60 people so we will be having dinner at the Guiness facility.

GETTING THERE:  You'll have to pay your own way to get to Ireland, which is not included in our stated prices of this trip. We suggest you check popular websites such as Travelocity and Expedia.


Breakfasts are included each day, plus you'll have two (2) lunch events and seven (7) group dinners. On one evening in Dublin, we'll tour the Guinness facility, Gravity Bar and have dinner there as well.


We are finalizing some of the entertainment and excursion activities to fill-in on days we don't play golf. Details of excursion activities will be posted soon.  You'll have some choices to make once the list gets published.


From picking-you-up at the airport to bringing you to all events & activities in this itinerary to bringing you back to the airport are included in the package. This is GROUP transportation which means you may have to wait for another flight to come in in order to fill-up the motor coach.  You may be asked for your flight number and time of arrival so we can arrange the right size of motor coach.

Note that we cannot arrange transportation if you come a day or two early, depart a day or two sooner or later, etc.  If you provide your own transportation to the airport or rent a car, there is no reduction in price.


We had 201 members attend the Scotland event in July 2010. With 8 nights, 4 rounds of golf, the price was $2578 per person, if you roomed with someone and you paid upfront ($2710 if in installments). Cost is a higher for this event because a) we’ll travel between cities more; b) stay one more night and c) play premium courses vs. the on-property courses at the hotel. All of our courses have had championships determined there, either Ryder cup, Irish Open, European Open, or are otherwise "famous." Please keep this in mind. 

For those who paid a $100 “good faith” deposit over the past 45 days, thank you for letting us know your desire to visit Ireland. You’ll receive a $200 credit on any package. Credit is applied to the final payment.  When registering for this event, if you paid the $100 deposit, you'll see the $200 reduction on the order form.

PEAK SEASON! This is peak season for Ireland so we're not seeing super discounted rates. Ireland has a fairly short golf season. However, it does stay light until 10pm!


06/04/12 - 1:00pm - The 5% discount indicated below no longer applies.

Package A – You’ll have a roommate and will pay $3170 if and only if payment in full is received by April 20, 2012, plus you get a $195 discount if you play Killarney Golf Course and not Old Head (brings it down to $2975). This gives you a 5% discount off the overall trip. After this date, the 5% discount shall no longer apply. After April 20, the discount will drop to 2%.  This payment may be made with a credit card.

Package B - Same as Package A except you’ll pay $3,336 in 4 equal payments* of $834 each plus you get a $195 discount if you play Killarney Golf Course and not Old Head.

Package C – You’ll room-by-yourself and will pay $4,096 if and only if payment in full is received by April 20, 2012, plus you get a $195 discount if you play Killarney Golf Course and not Old Head. This gives you a 5% discount off the overall trip. This payment may be made with a credit card.  After April 20, the discount will drop to 2%. 

Package D – You’ll room by yourself and will pay in 4 equal payments of $1,078 ($4,312 total) with a $195 discount if you play Killarney Golf course and not Old Head.

Any payment can be made by check or credit card. 


When you register, you'll have the option of making some additions and some subtractions to your package.  You can rent pull carts ($5.00 per day), or golf clubs ($60 per day), and indicate if you'd like to have a caddie or forecaddie.

Non-Golf Package

Please contact us if you'd like to take this trip but don't want to or cannot play golf.  Email Tom Alsop at for details.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Once you register, if paying in installments, you'll be required to pay 25% by April 20th, 25% by May 10, 25% by June 10 and 25% by July 10.



CANCELLATION POLICY: Our standard policy will apply to this event as well. A 10% cancellation fee applies at anytime, increasing to 50% if you cancel after May 20, 2012. No exceptions. If you find that you cannot attend this event after registering, you may sell your position to another member. Please do not contact ASGA to sell your spot. We must reach certain minimums with each venue. We suggest you go to and purchase trip insurance.

Need a Roommate?

If you don’t have one, we’ll pair you with a same-sex roommate that will be your roommate for the entire trip. IMPORTANT: If you plan to room with someone, please make certain you BOTH REGISTER AT THE SAME TIME. Two years ago, members wreaked havoc on us by signing-up, then once it was “sold out,” many members complained because their roommate had not signed-up yet. So we had to increase the number of courses we played, get extra rooms, etc. Please SIGN-UP TOGETHER if you’ve got a roommate selected. Roommate policy applies. Click here for details.

Exchange Rates

Prices are based on the current Euro rate of $1.33 (as shown at plus a $.07 exchange fee charged by the banks. If the exchange rate varies plus or minus $.04 per Euro, you will be charged or credited the difference. So, in other words, if you find that at the exchange rate goes higher than $1.37 per Euro, you may be subject to owing more at the end of the trip, and likewise, we would owe you if it goes in the other direction by more than $.04 per Euro. This policy does not apply to individuals who pay by check in full in advance of April 20, 2012.


Motorized golf carts (buggies), club rentals, caddies are an additional cost. Some courses have a few carts, maybe 10-15.  So if a cart is necessary for you, you'll find the cost about 30 Euros, or about $42 for the rental ($21/person).  Most people in Ireland walk the courses. If you want a cart, indicate such on the comments section of your registration form.


Book your air travel NOW! Continental/United, Aer Lingus, Delta, USAir and Icelandic Air can get you there. (60-Minutes recently had a story about Icelandic Air will fly out of Boston and one other Northeastern city into Reykjavic, Iceland.  You spend a few days there, spend some money, then finish your flight to Dublin at no extra charge from the airline.  Something to think about when making your plans.)


Remember - we fly into Dublin Airport and fly out of Shannon Airport.

Dublin Airport Info          Shannon Airport Info

Note that the Irish, along with other European countries, state their dates a little different than we do. For example, 03/04/2012 is April 3, 2012, not March 4, 2012. Be careful with this when making your plans.

Important Links:

Cancellation/Sick Policy for this Event: Click Here

Roommate Policy for this Event: Click Here

Register your visit with the U. S. Embassy

Ireland Websites to Visit:

Wikipedia on Ireland (there will be a test, so study-up!)

Got a website you'd like to recommend for this section? Please send to Tom Alsop at




Photos are representative and do not necessarily reflect all of the places we will visit on this trip.