The offical website of the Bay Area Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association (ASGA) is  

Want to stay connected with the Bay Area Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association?  Click here so we can stay in touch with you! Our kick-off meeting was held June 7th, 2009 at Canyon Lakes Golf Club. If you're single, over 21 and enjoy the game of golf, you're invited to join us

Most importantly, bring a friend to our next golf outing or meeting! Find all the details at

Upcoming Events

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Other Multi-Chapter Events - For more fun -- how about Scotland in 2010 --, any ASGA member can attend any upcoming Multi-Chapter Event listed at the national website:

Bay Area Chapter President Selected

The national office of the American Singles Golf Association has appointed Connie Vickroy ( to serve as the chapter's first president.  Connie welcomes you and your friends to join the Bay Area Chapter of ASGA.

Are you ready for some fun, fellowship and fairways?


Since its founding in 1992, over 25,000 people like yourself have joined ASGA.  They wanted something different in their lives and ASGA became a natural fit.  There's something special about the game of golf.  Spending 4-5 hours with three others in your golf group gives you plenty of opportunity to see what they're made of:

  • How do they react when making that perfect drive?
  • How do they react when they miss a three-foot putt . . . twice in a row?
  • How do they conduct themselves when they run a committee meeting?

Understanding human personalities is what makes life interesting.  Adding all of this in with the beauty and serenity of a golf course and you've got the making for a perfect day.  And, of course, everyone in our group is single.  Get married and it's "congratulations and farewell!"

Our Concept Works!

ASGA is just the organization that will jump-start your social life and provide more opportunities to play golf.  We're not a dating service, an internet service - - we're just fun folks looking to enjoy more out of life.  People find and build lasting relationship with their fellow chapter members.  And, you'll have an opportunity to meet and play golf with even more ASGA members by attending multi-chapter events. For more information, please go to

Please visit our First Timers section on our homepage if you'd like to get a better feel for the organization and read the testimonials from members and what they've experienced. 


Annual Dues

Annual dues in the Bay Area Chapter of ASGA are $70.00 per year, however, if you join for two (2) years, you'll receive a free ASGA logo'd golf shirt (you select your size on the "join" page. 

Join the Bay Area Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association now!

There's work, then there's the television.  It's your life.  Do you want to get involved with others?  Now's your prime opportunity to change your life and join an organization that will force you to have a real social life.  We're all about meeting other singles . . . so stop working so hard and get out of the house more often.  Life is short . . . then you drive your ball onto the green!

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Tell your friends - change your life and theirs as well!  If you're single, over 21 and enjoy the game of golf, you're invited to join us. 

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