Future Multi-Chapter Events
Great Ways to Meet Singles from Other Chapters!

The American Singles Golf Association, through the National Headquarters and its member chapters, sponsor a number of Multi-Chapter Events (MCE's) throughout the year.  These "golf weekends" bring together singles from all over the country to meet in one city where we play golf and party for 2-3 days.

Below is a listing of approved events. If you'd like to attend, simply printout the registration form and follow the instructions on where to send your money. A contact name and number is listed on the form as well.  If you have a question about a particular event, please contact the person on the form, not the National Headquarters, unless hosted by ASGA National.  You MUST be an ASGA member in order to attend any Multi-Chapter Event.  To join, go to www.SinglesGolf.com/join

Click here for the ASGA Cancellation/Sick Policy as it relates to events sponsored/hosted by ASGA National.

Click here for the ASGA Roommate Policy as it relates to MCE's.

Click here for our general Terms and Conditions of participating in ASGA events.

Sign-Up Tip: Sign up at the same time the person or people you're traveling with sign up. This assures you ALL get registered! 

If there is no registration form shown, please check back periodically or e-mail the contact person shown.  Events shown below in red are events sponsored/hosted by ASGA National.  Otherwise, event is sponsored/hosted by the chapter indicated: 

  • Orlando's Golfpalooza - April 20-22, 2017.  SinglesGolf.com/Golfpalooza is the primary site, to register, go here:  SinglesGolf.com/GolfpaloozaReg
  • Phoenix's Sedona Weekend - April 21-23, 2017.  Golf in the desert of Sedona. Details at SinglesGolf.com/Sedona
  • Memorial Day Weekend - May 25-28, 2017.  We’ll be at Stone Mountain, GA.  We can book up to 160 members with the 80 rooms we have reserved.  Details at SinglesGolf.com/MemorialDay
  • Canada - July 2017 - Tremblant! A cool place to be in the heat of summer! Looking to go July 16th for four days - - details posted early spring 2017.
  • Battle At The Beach 2017 - October or November, 2017.  East Coast USA. Details posted in early- to mid-Summer.
  • Ryder Cup - Paris, France, September, 2018 - This will be a river cruise up the Seine River.  We'd like to spend 10-12 days in France and plan to visit Le Golf National for the 2018 Ryder Cup event.  Dates for the 2018 Ryder Cup are September 28-30, 2018.
  • New Year's Event - January 1-4, 2018.  Details posted in late August, 2017. Will likely occur in Florida where it might be a bit warmer.

Membership in ASGA is Required to Attend Multi-Chapter Events

You must be a member of ASGA to attend any and all multi-chapter events.  To join ASGA, go to www.SinglesGolf.com/join   This policy was put into effect January 1, 2007.  Only members of ASGA can attend multi chapter events.  All registration forms must indicate such. 

Not sure you're a member?  Go to the "Are You a Member" website:  www.SinglesGolf.com/RUAmember and check yourself out.

As rare as it may occur, ASGA reserves the right to make changes to multi-chapter event items offered as long as the individual is either reimbursed for the difference or substitute items of equal or greater value are made.  

Need a Roommate?

If you need a roommate for any multi-chapter event, please inquire first with fellow members of your chapter, then go to the event organizer.  Please do not simply list yourself as someone else's roommate without their permission.  NOTE:  if you choose your own roommate, the event organizer cannot hold your room until both parties have paid.  Room preferences and hotels are first come, first served.  Only the hotel or facility controls the availability of room types, accommodations, etc.  The event organizer will register you regardless of specific availabilities.


If you have questions about any concern you have, please email and address it prior to your registering with the event organizer.

Chapter-Hosted Multi-Chapter Events

Effective April 21, 2007, any chapter wishing to host a Multi-Chaptert Event must

1) clear the date with ASGA National (see below),

2) have their Board of Directors officially authorize the event, and

3) notify ASGA National of such authorization by the local Board by either the Chapter President or Chairman of the Board. 

Individuals may not host Multi-Chapter Events, only chapters.  Individuals attempting to host events put their membership in jeopardy.  Keep the event a chapter event!

If your chapter is interested in hosting an MCE, please contact Tom Alsop for scheduling and other information, preferably four to six months prior to the event but not more than eight months before the event.  Use the CONTACT US link to submit your thoughts / proposal to Tom.

Additional Policies and How Your Chapter Can Host an Event

For additional policies and general information about hosting an event, YOU MUST REVIEW the "Host an Event" page prior to making plans for your event or signing contracts.  We also have a template to help you organize and run your event.

Thank you!